Deploying whilst undergoing Orthodontic Treatment i.e Braces

A quick question to those in the know.

I am shortly due to undergo some orthodontic treatment for up to 24 months (i.e Braces). Will this stop me deploying on an operational tour?

I only ask because as a TA soldier I don't want to to volunteer to go to Afghan next year only to be binned by the dentist at Chilwell because of my train track mouth and therefore look like a complete knobber.
It might be a drama, as you will have to have the "braces" tightened at regular intervals, will try and get a definate answer for you at work tomorrow.

It's the dentist at Chilwell`s opinion about whether you are likely to be a dental casualty while you are on deployment. As flowerpower said " your braces will need attention at regular intervals" and so you'd be unlikely to pass a dental inspection, especially if your employment is at a FOB.
The DS solution to this is that if you have braces which need tightening at intervals you will not be able to deploy as there is no provision for orthodontic treatment on either HERRICK or TELIC.


ugly said:
No dentist on ops, where the work ticket for the outrage bus?
Work ticket back to the MTO, vehicle not required.

Dentists? Yes.

Plan and provisions for routine cosmetic dental treatment for soldiers potentially deployed at FOBs requiring major logisitical effort to get them back to Bastion? No.


Ok that I understand but what about regs in Bns deploying surely they dont get left behind on rear partyy just because the Garrison fang farrier says he needs a filling in 3 months time?
Edited to add; Please tell me there is a dentist on ops?



There certainly were/are dentists on Ops in Iraq, and I am 99.99% sure there are in Afghanistan. The soldier that needed a filling either got it before we deployed, or on their return. If it was an emergency, it would be dealt with in theatre.

It is a bit different to deliberately deploy someone who needs routine, ongoing treatment as is required for "metal mickey", the original poster.
Soldiers in the regular army who are undergoing orthodontic treatment are non-deployable. I don't know about TA soldeirs but I would think probably not.

As a rule, routine dental care should be done prior to deploying, soldiers who need simple treatment and aren't expected to need to "go dental sick" can deploy as normal, those who the dentist thinks will "go dental sick" within 12months, shouldn't deploy and can be downgraded at a 2 man med board.

Whether this happens or not depends on millions of things, but yes there are dentists in all theatres.
ugly said:
No dentist on ops, where the work ticket for the outrage bus?
There are indeed Dentists in theatre, however there are no deployed orthodontists. It's a different speciality. I think there are only two accross the entire DDS anyway.

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