Deploying Via UK with Footlockers

I am due to deploy in the near future to Afghanistan from Germany via Brize. Rumour has it that the RAF movers are not letting people use footlockers (i.e. US Gorilla Footlockers) to transport their kit, but instead are making them empty kit into bin bags! Sounds a bit far fetched, but knowing what the RAF are like, I wouldn't be surprised.

Can anyone shed any light on whether this rumour is true or not?
I didn't have a problem coming back from Iraq with one and a seperate bergen a couple of years ago.

It might be that they are concerned about it breaking open if dropped (highly likely to be dropped and kicked around, especially if you put "fragile" stickers on it) so maybe think about putting all the kit in it inside a canoe bag or similar to keep it together if the outer case bursts (also helps prevent everything getting piss wet through when it sits on the pan at Brize for 48 hours...

But to be really sure just give the movers at Brize a phone and find out the current policy (Or better still do it via your chain of command and maybe your whole outfit will get the gospel)

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