Deploying to Kosovo

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by lakey700, Oct 24, 2008.

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  1. I am deploying to Kosovo with 1 Royal Anglian in March. I was wondering if anyone that has deployed there recently could tell me what to expect. Many thanks.
  2. Fewer Kosovans, due to them being over here :wink:
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  3. Whereabouts yu going to be based?
  4. Dear friend, unfortunately there are too many journalists here. So our friends ARRSErs in this context could suspect that the question was asked to collect information for one or more articles.

    Out of the theme. You asked another question (on another forum)

    I have American Stafforshire terrier. She is a charming, devoted, fearless 3yo girl. She is very friendly to human beings and calm dogs. But the first barking is a trigger that awakes a beast is her. So be very carefull.

    I would trust him here, he has this video on Youtube

    Sorry mate, i've got no experience of Kosovo whatsoever, sorry I can't help :p
  6. We are going to be based in spring lines.
  7. Where is Spring Lines

    I know Jubilee Lines

    Slim Lines

    and even the best spot of them all Camp Clarke

    but no Spring Lines
  8. Did you mean WATERloo lines?
  9. Do you mean the london underground :roll:

    All these lines :roll:
  10. If this is going to turn into a game of Mornington Cresent.........

    ....then I'll need to remember at least some of the rules.....