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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by oldcolt, Apr 28, 2010.

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  1. Deploying on H14 as an infanteer and use my local Navy base's Gym to train. Hving sustained a few injuries of late and been told by my GP that I would have at least a 3 month wait to see a physio for an initial apointment, I thought I would try my luck at the Sick Bay at the base.

    RESULT! After an inital problem with working out my status as TA and how to enter it onto the system on Monday; I was seen by the Physio this morning (2 days not 3 months!) and have a follow up course of treatment and anti- inflamatories all booked up and issued :)

    Chipped my tooth yesterday as well and seeing the base dentist on Friday. :D

    Point to note: The base made it VERY clear that they are only treating me as I am deploying, if you are thinking of going down the same route with your local base. Good luck
  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    One of the lads deploying on Telic 4 got his nashers sorted out by the MOD after Chillwal stated they were too bad for him to deploy
  3. chilwell do not like these things - get your sh it sorted before you go as dependant on numbers you will get bumped off*!

    *that's removed from mobilising!
  4. Phew... was thinking that was a bit harsh for dodgy gnashers :OMG:
  5. Just out of interest how far off is your deployment ? And have you actually been mobilised ? Or are you gaining a pecuniary advantage by deception should you , heaven forbid , fail to deploy ?
  6. Join my battalion latter part of this year. The Navy DID ask the question about when I deployed but did NOT ask for any more proof than that other than the address of my HQ. Overall, they were pretty chilled about it and were keen to help :)
  7. How the feck are you managing to deploy? Am I right in thinking you are recently trained, oldcolt?
    I've just started the DIE stuff, and it's going to be another 12-15 months for me to be fully qualified as a class one.
  8. This class one sh1tes crazy, I see why they've done it, knowing TA soldiers who should have not got anywhere near the dusty place but it just a bit too far to me.

    It could all be covered in a quick 2 week course before Chilwell rather than spread out over a year or so.
  9. I was in before (86 to 2001) however, I am now probably the oldest 'junior' soldier in the Britsh Army! :lol: BUT, we have guys who are straight out of training who are going as well. Go figure 8O
  10. It shouldn't be allowed, it's dangerous, unless they are exceptional soldiers (I know one who was and did very well, even got recommended for officer in his end of tour report)
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    I would suggest that it really depends on the amount and quality of MST they are going to conduct before deploying rather than the amount of time passed since recruit training.

    A dozen weekends over 18 months with patchy attendance, skill fade, limited training etc is no real preparation for operations. A 2 week Bn run concentration before 4 months intensive MST with the receiving unit is. 2 weeks plus 4 months at 20 days per month (minimum) is 94 days, or 18 months to 2 years in "TA years". Which is more beneficial?

    Add in strict reporting and selection throughout to ensure that people only get put into jobs that they are capable of handling and there is no reason for a soldier straight out of phase 1/2 training not to mobilise.
  12. That's what's needed, it's being run like a sports day at a special school, everyone's a winner.

    They need to get used to turning around to people and saying "sorry, you're just not good enough, try again in a few years"
  13. I know what you mean but, with the number of green weekends available to the average bod each year, he would have to be in for a long time before he built up 'enough' experience (whatever that may mean - no sarcasm intended). TBH, If a regular teenage tom can go through basic and be sent straight out there, I don't see why a TA tom shouldn't do the same assumiong they receive decent PDT.

    It's always going to be dangerous but, as a few of our lads who have recently got back have said and I paraphrase: "It's a lottery whether you make it back in one piece or not. Its not about skills that can be taught effectively at the TAC or on a typical TA weekend. You either detect the IED that's going to vapourise you or your mates or you don't!"

    Simply put; we need the equipment and specialists to train us at the TAC's on IED detection.
  14. From what I've seen during my career usually a proper platoon mong is sh1t at everything, can't shoot, can't tab, can't wash, can't stay awake, can't hack it and goes on the biff.

    No-one want's someone like that out there with them, they will only make everyone else work harder looking after them, and when people have to cover their duties because they have the backbone of a jellyfish people get tired and that's when mistakes happen.

    It's not about them setting off IEDs, it's the effect they have on the whole platoon.
  15. My local RAF Station's PT Flight are quite happy to let us STABs use it whenever we want - swipe card enterance; open 24/7. Cheers Crabs!