Deploying members

To al Arrse members deploying with 3 Regt, today and on coming days

Warm regards, good luck and be safe!

We all look forward to your posts on return

Watch your backs lads and come home safe soon.

TV is good there though.

Korahnation street

Middle east enders

Talliban tubbies

Ready Steady Jihad

Who wants to be a Mujahadin


and best of all--------for all the nigs,

Watch with Mullah

Take care.
Ditto.....keep your head..beware of SSMs who think they know what they are doing..and some officers who dont. Your best friend is yourself and your two trusted partners..S10 and any weapon that can slot at 300m plus! Good luck....oh- any one want PAX insurance.... :mad:
Just a short one to wish all the lads and lasses a safe trip to sandy parts:(dont wish to appear ignorant,but are lasses allowed to go? its been a while since a left)
Anyway, i know you´ll all do us proud.
And remember the Yanks are more dangerous than the Iraqis,so try and avoid the buggers if you can!!
2 shiny pennies to the pile..

GL guys and don't forget that the guy behide you may  be aiming at the enemy.... but who zero'd him?

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