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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by scotlandswimmer89, Oct 29, 2009.

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  1. I've recently commissioned into the TA and whilst at Sandhurst they told us all about this website with various job postings, deployment opportunities, etc. do this exist? and if so where?
  2. You need to get on to ArmyNet mate, and look for the OCE list.

    I'd think you're better off speaking with your unit though.
  3. SW89,

    No chance of deploying until September next year, you need a year to prove you're not a complete mong! Also, they don't really need brand new subbies out there from what I've heard..I'd wait a year or two and get some experience and courses under your belt.

    There are Watchkeeper tours out there, as ever prepare to be fcuked around!
  4. oh yeah, thats what I was planning. they've scrapped mod 5 and PCT, the only thing that is left is PCBC and thts not until next summer anymore so it will be a couple of years by then and i'll probably be a lieutenant. I was hoping to do some training with the regulars next summer as part of their pre-deployment in Kenya before all this. Was just wondering. Thanks for that!
  5. msr

    msr LE

  6. You can mob and do Reg PCBC..then deploy to a better job...Two of our Pl Commanders did it with 3 SCOTS...if your going out in the next one...with theses dates and your name you in 6 or 7 SCOTS?
  7. My old platoon commander joined me on an S Type (not sure if officers do the same but it was for the same tour) and was given a platoon in one of the companies. He had 3 years under his belt and performed so well they asked him to stay. He did, and apart from a MBE in NI he commanded a company in Iraq and as far as I am aware is currently commanding a desk at the MoD.

    Apart from his good military skills he was super fit and was very likeable - always an assett when you have teenage trogladites in DPM hoping the Stab fecks up and lets them get away with doing any work :wink:
  8. I'm a CMT and im struggling to deploy as a L/CPL Medic. Is it really that hard to go on ops or is my unit sh*t at getting me on ops?
  9. Funny, there's two FTRS slots for a CMT1 at Chilwell and even one on the OCE. Get on there and give the CoC the details.
  10. That's the first thing I did. Put in a request for the CMT on the OCE list and I still haven't got anything back. Went through my CoC for the two FTRS slots at Chilwell....... Nothing back. However I have got a response for All Arms HUMINT debriefers for Herrick. I'm not too sure how well that will go down. A CMT debriefing walk-in's at a FOB.
  11. when I did my attachment it took 3 months to get a reply after my original request, but two weeks after I got confirmation I was in Germany with my new battalion. Its the army - anything to do with administration takes its time
  12. Don't believe the hype!!!!

    The regs. are crying out for people.....

    Keep trying mate.
  13. swamp monster...about to take a platoon at 6SCOTS, C Coy. Just waiting for confirmation which'll take time. My platoon commander at RMAS had the same, went to Telic and was watchkeeping for the Duke of Lancs. A platoon commander got injured so he had to take up the reigns. Now that's being thrown in at the deep end but surely thats what we've been trained to do. I've heard this, that we can do regular PCBC, but wasn't sure it was true. Surely it's gonna be seriously hard when our training at Sandhurst was so limited?
  14. Swampmonster...are you dirty delta 7 Scots? I saw your bebo page. you should know a couple of the colour sergeants who trained us over in garelochead then.
  15. This is just not true. If you ever feel the need to qualify a statement with "from what I've heard" then you're probably wrong.

    I have known people that have mobilised within their first year as an officer, although this is the exception rather than the rule. It is not impossible, as some people will make you believe.