Deployable TA soldier standards?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Feb 21, 2010.

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  1. Speaking to a lad in 4 Yorks this weekend, he mentioned you now had to be class 1 before you can deploy???

    So if he is correct infantry training is rather longer than I'd seen posted on here and you have to be trained on all weapon system.

    Which would imply any TA Signals soldier needs to be class 2 before they can be deployed (I'm not talking about the class 3-2 workbooks crap but the not yet implemented modular training system). [In Sigs this means they are trained - in theory - to the same level as a fresh out the factory recruit, I've not seen anything say they must be class 2 to deploy but expect it]

    Any other corps changed their training along these lines??
  2. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Mate, there have been numerous references to this on these boards. Came in at the back end of last year from DInf that all TA Infantrymen coming out of training be Class 1 standard before they can be deployed to Afghanistan. This effectively means that they will have to achieve the same training as their Regular counterparts and so realistically will require at least a year to a year and half of dedicated training.

    To give you an example of how this has impacted TA Infantry units, our battalion is down to provide IRs for our Regular battalions on Herrick 15. To that end, the next year is entirely geared towards training the Riflemen up to the requisite standard. This change has come about by the intensity of close combat faced by Infantrymen in theatre and is frankly a welcome development.
  3. Same in my lot (and our sister Battalion), for 13,14 & 15!.........The Jocks are in for a busy couple of Years...

    I dont see a bad side to the PDT levels...can only be a good thing compared to some PDT ive seen in the past... :)
  4. Well, I can say with utmost frustration that this is certainly the case, and it is precisely this which is holding me back from getting on a tour.
    It's only frustrating as the guys I went through training with were deployed almost straight afer CIC, whereas I was "Left off the list" thanks to admin error. That was almost a year ago, and It seems I'll be waiting another year again to deploy. (As per the grade one training coming in for our battalion from April onwards, with Herrick 15 in 2011)

    So that will make it 3 years from attestation to deployment, in my case.

    Should have just joined the bloody regulars :)
  5. can you not head out with another Unit ? if your on PDT you get the funding...means you could get out this year...
  6. Ping! Know who you are now :p

    Didn't you believe me or something?! I'm hurt you had to get validation from arrse!

    Edited to add:
    Atleast you got the Regiments name right when you made this post!
  7. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Yes, this has already been identified as being a potential problem for recruitment. As much as this may surprise the doom-mongers (ARRSE TA Boards passim) the prospect of deploying as an IR with the Regs to Afghanistan has become a major incentive in attracting young recruits.

    Many chose the TA over the Regulars as they didn't want to have an Army career (although of course many change their minds once in) and some had already started on other careers. They just wanted some action and to be a part of the war that they've been watching on their evening news/Ross Kemp for the past few years. The advantage of the TA was of course that it could get you out there quicker with the minimal fuss.

    With the current training package though, a recruit is looking at about two years training before being mobilised when he will then undergo a further three to four months PDT with his deploying battalion. As off putting as this might be to the young guns, I honestly believe that it is the right thing to do that will directly assist in saving lives and limbs.
  8. As a side note standards for promotion have changed also. You need to be a class 1 rifleman, completed Matts for that year, and completed a Combat Sigs Cadre to promote to lance jack and must have SAAI for Corporal - this is our Battalion atleast, i'd imagine this is happening across the whole TA Inf also?
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    In additon to the PJNCO cadre for Pte - LCpl and SCTC for LCpl to Sgt, presumably?
  10. Of course! These were in addition to the normal courses previously required.
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Sounds reasonable. We are not quite so prescriptive, but require a relevant training course in addition to the career courses before progression at each level. A LCpl will need to have picked up his PTI, CMCQ, BCDT etc before he will be a contender for promotion to Cpl, the Cpl must have gained his RMQ 1-3 before consideration for promotion to Sgt etc.

    It prevents you having a raft of NCOs who are great in the field but have no ability to contribute to the wider training of the soldiers under their command.

    In our case, a posting to the recruit training team is also a requirement at various stages on the career path.
  12. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Given that SAA is an integral part of Regular Infantry SCBC then it's really no big surprise that's happening. Naturally given the length of the courses, the TA version will have to stay as separate AASAA and Junior Tac. Radio users course was already a tick in the box as I believe was DITs.
  13. An idea I've been bleating on about for some years. ( Not a transfer to your RTT, by the way. ) Gives a clear incentive for guys to go, and ensures quality of instructors ( to a degree - I'll assume a good insert required )

    My Company is well-manned but the 18 month PDT beat up is a pretty major commitment for Soldiers. AIUI there is very little scope for blokes to miss weekends or drill night training, and with the best will in the world I wonder how many will actually be able to complete the course.

    It does make sense if the training burden is spread and those rocking up for the PDT will be of more use, but will there be "three strikes and you're out"?
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    It is a real problem, and you have to write the programme with a certain amount of repetition. This enables you to give everyone the best possible chance of passing, but at the cost of doing certain things more than once when you would rather be moving on.

    We are now at the training point of no return, and will be striking people off the list of those who will mobilise because we do not have the training time available for them to catch up with the missed TOs.
  15. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer


    A 'for instance'. If a Pte/LCpl from 4 Para unavoidably missed a TO, would it be beyond the realms of what is feasible for him to attend a training weekend with another battalion which is conducting that same TO at a later date? Given that several TA battalions are planning to train up and send troops to H15, for example, should allow some latitude if we all start talking to, and working with each other, no?