Deploy Ex '03

Most memorable moments from my 'jolly' to Italy:

The Belsen Express - a graffitti-covered train with next to nothing in the way of amenities, crammed in 6 to a compartment, in blazing heat.  The 6 hour wait in Salzburg in the mid-day heat was stunning!  The Austrians were also stunned to see this monstrosity in their main railway station.  (prize for the best piece of graffitti, BTW, goes to (painted in large capital letters on the side of one of the carriages, but in full & without the asterisks) "I'm a bad ass motherf***er".

The admin instructions - support staff were told explicitly "no civvies", HQ ARRC turned up with more civvies than green kit.

Confined to Camp - No-one was allowed to leave the camp, even on the rest day - unless you were HQ ARRC staff in which case you could go out any time.

No Alcohol for 2 weeks - unless you were HQ ARRC staff etc.

The day trip to Venice (but only for those with civvies!).  The rest were confined to camp.

The evening meal on the Belsen express for the return journey.  Now this was a masterpiece of timing!  There was no power for lighting on the train from the evening we embarked until 3 am the next morning; evening meal was on the train, starting soon after we left the station.  And what's those big long dark things you go through to pass through the Alps? Tunnels! Yes, & when in a tunnel, there's no daylight, so the train gets very dark! So there we were, a trainload of hungry people, sat at tables and prodding in the dark for food!

The fire on the train was interesting too, bearing in mind we had only just left a tunnel & were about to enter another when the train was stopped.  No light to see by & a train on fire in a tunnel make for interesting newspaper headlines!

Now I'm not bitching (much!), but how comes ComARRC can lay on flights for all his guys but the rest of us have to put up with the smelly end of the stick?

Am I the only one who feels this way about the whole fiasco?  Or have I led too much of a pampered life? Answers to the usual address....
Sounds rough, but reminds me of a similar situation in the mid 90's.  We were on exercise with the Surrender Monkeys and were told that we were not allowed to drink (despite wine being provided by the Frogs at lunch) and that we were not to visit the nearest town.  We didn't drink the wine at lunch, we just saved it for an evening tipple.  I got a bit pissed off when I found out that some of the officers had been down town, so I sent my lads off for an afternoon (usual rule - no drinking, fighting etc).  I was subsequently hauled in front of the OC to explain my actions (me being the staffy) and my reply of, "Can I ask where you have been" didn't go down too well but got me off the hook.

Anyway, I always thought that an admin instruction that stated that civvies were not to be taken was a clue that you really should.
Well, however bad Deploy Ex was, it had its humorous moments, like when a REME ASM was unable to start a landrover (he couldn't grasp the concept of the steering wheel lock!!!) ;D

Or the Loggie Maj who called a fire practice & complained that we got there too fast! (No, seriously!) ;D
Fires in tunnels....memories of the Channel Tunnel, London Underground and a Swiss road tunnel through the Alps...lots of carnage!

But it doesnt matter chaps, nobody of Staff rank was on the train, only cannon fodder.  

Perhaps you should have flown there and back with ARRC staff, CO´s on jollies and the Sodexo cleaning team.
This was…. A success you all helped ensure the system ran very, very well coupled with the BSM was very happy.  Whilst the trip down was arduous it was also a bit of fun !!!! notwithstanding this I believe we have all as a team raised the benefits of GP3 and how well it can work as a situation awareness tool The DBAs were magnificent and so were the App Opps you are all very talented people who make things work…….  It is very disappointing to see that the negative far out weights the benefits - please look at the other side
Yes i know we are all extremely talented.... but do really have to make us all want to puke?....Didnt realise we had a fan club in the making.  One thing is for certain with thatmuch praise, you cant be an ISOp  ;)
I do backup the fact that the train Journey was arduous....the main factors being we must have broken all the Health and safety rules the Army has become accustomed with. It amuses me that when it suits those above, H&S can be ignored. As for those talented DBA's and App Ops, well now that is a story.. :-XTruly justified i'm sure, however without the quality of the proper IS op's providing the infrustruture for them they wouldn't have been in the races!! 8)

And if my Auntie had testicles, she would have been my uncle. Seems strange that ´the wonderfully talented´ ISOps need the App Ops and DBAs assistance during any build this because they cant cope or that we are all part of a team?  

As for the Health and Safety issues being blatently ignored...write to your MP or the HSE if the chain of command refuses to accept that there was a risk.
Didnt realise we had a fan club in the making.  
You each need each other to make this work, at first you were all taking different views now you are starting to work together.  Nobody said this was going to be easy !!!  The Snr DBA I think is a really good egg and the Snr App Op who both work in Elmpt.

I know how much they both like to work on the systems and come up with imaginative ways to make it work.
GP3 Bunny, I love your sense of humour. I too believe the SDBA and SAppOp are truly inspirational and will form an admiration society immediately.  Expected membership will run into the millions so best get in first before the tickets run out.or is that places at the local home for the seriously bewildered? ;D
I never travelled to Italy on the train (obviously), however everyone I have spoken to thoroughly enjoyed the exercise.  I was pleased with the efforts of all.  WELL DONE LADS!!!!

I have a couple of questions though:

What are DBA's?
What are ISOps?
What are AppOps?

I seem to be rather clued up on the 'management' side and need to improve on the 'technical' issues.

Happy at Elmpt :) :) :) :) :) :)
U cant be a real CO @ Elmpt as they both have little or no idea of the existence of the word Management, let alone what it means.  ;D

As for ISOp, AppOp and DBA..they havent a clue what they are either....they believe they are a toy for 1 Sig Bde and 16 Sigs to fight over, especially when they want their mates to have a play with them! ::)

I have a couple of questions though:

What are DBA's?
What are ISOps?
What are AppOps?

Happy at Elmpt :) :) :) :) :) :)
They are all very good at working as a team.  Essentially they do very similar tasks?
DS1 is a success and the political fall out because of this is immense.  It is both pleasing and satisfying to see even though WFB has some strong views, he is like MARVIN, brain the size of a planet when it comes to knowing soooooo much

As for Javelin Barracks it really is getting much, much better, you only have to see around you the improvements and the general state – remember Gutersloh when the Army took over, this is a success
:) :) :) ;D ;D :eek:
Paranoid..who says I´m paranoid? Barstewards, u r out to get me. My invisible wooly mammoth wont let it happen. :-/
Paranoid..who says I´m paranoid? Barstewards, u r out to get me. My invisible wooly mammoth wont let it happen. :-/

Please do not be paranoid; there is absolutely my good fellow no need.  It is intended as a complement, that you be like MARVIN, the robot.  Maybe me think that there is a real nice guy lying under that strong exterior.  Or is that you like to spread your seeds around the chat rooms!!!!

I bet you are part of the A Team though !!!!
Seed is not a dirty word.....but bum positively is! As for the A team.. have u seen who heads it up???? Anyone want their teeth pulled ;)
Seed is not a dirty word.....but bum positively is! As for the A team.. have u seen who heads it up???? Anyone want their teeth pulled ;)

You mention the “teeth person”.  I was saddened to hear he was a little down trodden today.  Do you know why – I think it has something to do with the knives have been put in his back and he is a little disappointed.  I know for one he is putting 150% into the project and the Regt (balancing act he called it) but some elements have made it their business to discredit him.  I for one think he is doing a very, very good job and applaud him for his Gaul and resilience.  He definitely sounded not his chirpy self today.  Could it be he is not getting the support I for one would like to give him but not being his direct line manager can not.

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