Depleted Uranium - Your thoughts

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jest265, May 12, 2011.

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  1. I am doing some research into the use of Depleted Uranium at the moment, which prior to, I had no idea even existed. The science stuff is well above my head but have managed to find some idiots guides online.

    From what I have found, although the UK and US use it, they have never done any research into the radioactive after-effects. Surely in campaigns such as Iraq and Afghan where our troops have been on the ground for years, it is a bit stupid to use a weapon that is potentially lethal to our own troops, especially as, from the research I have done, it doesn't tend to be that effective as many miss their targets.

    What do arrsers think on this issue? Have I managed to miss the point or researched in the wrong place?

    All input would be welcome.
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  6. Thanks for the input but not very helpful if you aren't go to provide evidence/reports to the contrary. I'm not a journo and unfortunately no longer a student. I won't be getting marked on this piece, so quite fortunate in that respect.

    This is where I have been directed to for information up to now International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons I was hoping to ask arrsers so I could get a different prospective and not the usual lefty stuff.

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  8. It is very effective. The dangerous (non-intended) side effects are very much over-hyped.

    The fact that some rounds miss their target doesnt mean it is an innefective round. Other types of round are far less accurate.

    AP rounds are made far more effective by the use of DU because of its relative density compared to other materials (Kinetic energy rounds need to have a high density to achieve the pressures required to pierce armour and the high density also helps with accuracy).

    The Uranium used is, as the name suggests, depleted. that is to say, most of its radioactivity has gone. Yes there is residual radioactivity but not a whole lot that you need to worry about unless you are at the recieving end when bits of it go airborne (and if you are you have better things to worry about). Nonetheless, it is good practice not to go poking around in the remains of a hull that has been hit by DU.

    You have missed the point and you are barking up the wrong tree.
  9. According to Steig Larsson in one of his 'Millennium' trilogy, one of the pistols someone used had rounds with 'depleted Uranium cores'. WTF??? He also talked about Colt .45 magnums.

    Shame about those gaffs, apart from those the trilogy was outstanding.
  10. This is where I have been directed to for information up to now International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons I was hoping to ask arrsers so I could get a different prospective and not the usual lefty stuff.

    My bold. Given their agenda, I wonder if they could possibly be biased?
  11. JC, Maybe he meant .45 Long Colt. Now thats a big round for a pistol.
  12. Hence my asking elsewhere......
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  14. Try here:

    and here:

    So yes, research has been done.

    As to your point about accuracy, you're not going to get anything on this side relating to probability of hit at different ranges. Suffice to say that at most battle ranges, under most conditions - if you can see it, you can hit it (unless you're QRH of course).
    DU rounds are no less acurate than their tungsten equivalents.
  15. DU is mainly Uranium 238 which isn't that radioactive, it is primarily an alpha emitter. Alpha particles only travel a few centimetres in air and would be stopped by a sheet of paper, for this reason being around it is relatively safe unless it is breathed in or ingested. After DU round hits a target dust is produced which can be breathed in. If you're in the target vehicle you're going to have a lot more to worry about. After this the danger is limited as the particles are pretty dense and settle fairly quickly, if you kick up the dust it might be a problem. Ingestion isn't likely to be much of a problem unless you lick knocked out AFVs.