Dependents moving to Australia by lateral transfer with family

I am trying to find out whether my 22 year old daughter will be able to move over to Australia with me if I succeed in my lateral transfer from the British army? Any information would be gratefully appreciated.
Unfortunately as she is no longer a dependent the ADF wont pay for her to come over. Saying that she can still come but you need to action the paper work differantly.
Can't really answer this in all truthfulness, however, for what I know from having my own dependents is that so long as he/she is under your care they are deemed a dependent and have full entitlements to the uplift. There are occasions when dependents are at uni, disability, etc.

There was/is a callsign (fucked if I recall) in this forum who has all the lateral transfer info, check out the lateral transfer thread and flick him/her a PM if he/she is still checking in on this forum will no doubt reply. Might even check this thread out.

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