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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Ralf, Jul 17, 2006.

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  1. I find it a stupid cost cutting exercise that the MOD(Tri service) have stopped issuing ID cards for wives. As we all look through the forces discount broucher we see savings on items like Rail travel, Bus travel etc etc, but only with a valid ID card. I rasied this question with my Brigade HQ but was told it is to save money, but offers open the wives etc should not be a problem. All fine if you are travelling together, but this may be a problem when they travel whilst we are away which is normaly the case now days.

    Recently one of the lads was out of the country and his wife travelled home to her parents on a ticket bought with his Forces discount card. Her travel was uneventful until she return back to her unit/Married quarter. When the inspector checked her ticket he asked her for an ID card but because here at this station wives are only issue temporary ID passes/paper pass, valid for a maximum of 2 weeks he did not accept it as an ID card. She was then ordered off at the next stop. The only thing is she is six months pregnant. **** me it must cost all of 50p for a plastic ID card now days. What is going on.
  2. If the lady concerned was ordered off at the next stop for presumably having an invalid ticket, was there a subsequent prosecution for fare evasion?

    If there was no prosecution or attempted prosecution for fare evasion, then it follows that the Railway accepts her ticket was valid!

    If the railway are unable to bring a prosecution because insufficient evidence exists and she commits no offence in law, then she is entitled to recover damages from the railway company!

    That which an individual official refuses to accept as valid is not conclusive to the question of whether or not it is!

    There will have been no prosecution in my submission since the Railway Company would have had to concede in argument that at the time she travelled whe was, in fact, an entitled dependant!

    If there has been no application for a prosecution than I would advise this lady to seek legal advice with a view to recoving damages from the Railway Company.

    Regards and best wishes
  3. But for rail travel, you have to have a Forces railcard, and these cost about 12 quid from your unit and wives can get one. The purchased discounted tickets can only be used by the railcard holder. I don't think a normal ID card is enough to buy a discounted rail ticket, even a serviceman needs a Forces railcard for this.

    But for everything else, it's a pain in the arrse that you need your own ID card. We are lucky that we are posted somewhere that you need a card to get through the gate so not a problem - appreciate this won't be the case for everyone.

  4. Sorry - I know this is an "anorak" question, but I am mildly interested... I'm included on the Future Ex-Mrs Spreadsheet's railcard (but not used it yet) and - being a shinny-ar*ed pen-pushing civvy - I don't have an ID card (well, I've got one from BAOR dated about 1981, but I don't quite look the same now...) so does that mean I'll have to travel with her (and her ID card) to make my ticket valid?
  5. The Forces's Railcard 'belongs' to the holder and is valid for the period shown on the card - even if the person is no longer in the Army it is still valid (if you have paid for it it is yours and shouldn't be taken from you). An ID card does not need to be shown to use a railcard. Take the operator's name and number, complain to the rail company and copy your complaint to your CO.

    She should write to the rail operator and complain, copying it to her husband's welfare officer and CO.

    I thought CGS's Briefing Team brought the issue of dependent ID cards up a couple of years ago and they were going to be implemented.
  6. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Did not know they had stopped my old fire dragon got issued one about 13 months ago.