Dependant ID Card?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Tubbyboy, Sep 10, 2006.

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  1. Hi all,

    I seem to remember that when I was a pad brat I had one of these, do they still exist and how do I get one for Mrs Tubby?

  2. Go see your families office. They have the forms you need. You also need a photo (of Mrs Tubby not yourself!)
  3. Sorry to be obtuse, but families office? What is one of those?
  4. Welfare Officer.

    Everywhere I've been you need to both tip up at the main gate or guardroom, and they will take a photo and magic up an ID card.

  5. Sorry to be naive here but if you are married to mrs tubby then surely you MUST know the procedures for your dependent?????? and how the system works, do you not have clerks, snco's or officers where you are???? If you dont know what a families office is then by fcuk I would not want to depend on you for anything.
  6. If you can't be bothered with form filling just take some wore snippers to the perimeter fence. You'll just have to leave your car outside.
  7. Ummm, we've been married a whole three weeks now, and I haven't been into work since.

    I just thought it might be good to get a heads up on where to go before I come back off leave.

    Thanks to everyone else who gave a sensible answer!

  8. without being rude chimp has a point however if you are a young singlie in uk then you may not have used the welfare office but in germany you need to go there for your naafi ration card.(seems bizarre but ive just arrived in bfg and when i asked a singlie for the welfare office he didnt know what i was on about however mention the ration card and he knew then)
    Your missus can tip up as some have photo facilities or take some passport ones with her (you know how funny women are about their photo)
    if you are in the uk then you dont really need one mate as when she goes on camp she'll be with you