Departure Time?

Anyone want to hazard a guess as to when the mighty? 3 will depart for the sandy place.

The winner will get a date with Leanne, Sniper Bird, QOTS or Forces Sweetheart...................I rather have one with The Mighty offence girls. It must be that his goatee is better than yours........  
Do you want to contribute this time instead of being a layabout like last time? ;D
MDN, I am suprised at you saying things like that, it wasn't me who lounged about with the Medics, giving each other introvenous drips in exotic places.
No, I vaguely remember you cowering from the needle saying you were excused jabs and had a note from matron
Shocker, you can have my place if you want.

MDN, Talking of Matron how is your Mum? Still looking like Hattie Jaques......
Not trying to runaway already Mr Bigglesworth? Not like you to fulfil another act of yellowness ;D

As for my mum shes fine, So is yours by the way, when I left this morning she asked me to pass on her regards and wish you a mery Xmas ;D ;D


Oh come on guys and girls, who are we trying to kid.  We are going absolutely no where!  It is all a bluff.  Look at the media and the hype.  Even if you do go it will be for political posturing only.  

Maybe next autumn when AH and a few other procurement programmes are more mature, then maybe.  Look at it....only one Division minus and only 6 weeks to get them there.  How long did it take last time and that was stopping at the Basra highway and not going all the way into Baghdad.

Deployment maybe, the odd 'specialist' raid maybe, you boys going sausage side with your ever so mean TI sights (stop or I double my magnification!)....hmmh, no I am sorry.  They weren't going to risk you for Sierra Leone or Kosovo, why now?

Oh but do have fun playing soldiers in the desert whilst the politicians play a game of chess with Saddam.

Cynical I know.  But please correct me if I amtalking out of my bum!  :eek:

Oh and one more is a foolish man that volunteers to go to war.  Do your duty when requested Of course, but volunteer......
MDN, Merry Xmas mate, I am not so sure about the act of yellowness, I seem to remember driving through a shitload of paveway bombs with a cretain RSM saying it would be alright, because he had the head torch. Scottish Git!

Anyway mate like I said all the best, have a good un and hope your herpes clears up in the New YeaR
All the best to you too mate, Im sure they will clear up, your ma loaned me what was left over from your four tubs of said cream ;D
Forces Sweetheart

Does she have to agree to this date or will it be forced opon her, if so I might well have to make a stab in the dark and say................................Quite soon or perhaps not.
Oi Random have you got some inside info, if so spill the beans, cos "when Mr Bigglesworth gets angry, people die!"  


Mr Bugglesworth, my you do scare me!

But just to put the record straight, no I do not have any 'insider information'.  But please credit me with more intelligence and loyalty than to go gobbing off on this site what may or may not be any plans (even if I ever got promoted to those dizzy and responsible heights of command).

Firtstly, look at the papers and make an intelligent assessment, just like Justin what ever his name does for SKY.

Forgive me this is a rumour network isn't it?  Who really knows what's going to happen and if that person is posting those thoughts on here, then God help us all!  :-X

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