Departure of the greatest SSM ever????

It is with great sadness that I say goodbye to the "greatest" SSM ever, who left Wattshisname recently. He was without doubt the most accomplished at blowing his own trumpet in all weathers, being right even when wrong, and most importantly an extremly hard git (alledgedly). I just hope that Guterslob know how to handle him, and remember, a pat on the back is a recce for a watch out.
PM me, do I know him?
As with most of these types, a legend in his own NAAFI break. Doubt he's ever seen owt of the real army unless it was on Discovery channel or in the observers book of the British Army. Standards. Bet he never met barking Bill or Dick 'Klick'.

Give me ten minutes with this 'Corps flat world beliver' and I'm quite sure I can 're-align' him to the world of only one sun and moon. Either that or qman's missus got knee trembled by him at a recent mess do.
He had mellowed a little in his last job at wattashame, for the really bad news, just look at who took over from him....... :(

do you need a pace stick as RQMS(A).......? :oops:
I don't think he will require said Stick.....he never knew how to use one in his job at Wattershame. Always asking what to do in the event of a parade, like I said absolutely brilliant he was.........NOT!
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