Denying the Holocaust and global warming: Whats worse?

Who is worse?

  • Global warming deniers

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  • Holocaust deniers

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  • None of the above. If you can not prove the past, what hope do you have of predicting the future?

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The official line in the WH is that global warming is an agenda perpetuated by the liberal media. Never mind that everybody else says it's real and happening even as we speak and may pose the biggest threat to human existence.

The Iranian president thinks the Holocaust is a Hollywood invention. Never mind that there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

IMHO people who deny either are at the basic level operating on the same wavelength. They only see what they want to see and hope enough idiots fall in line behind them to give credence to their ideas.

But to ignore the future is worse than denying the past. The past can't be changed. The future can be.
Perhaps I wouldn't put The Holocaust alongside global warming, though more specifically the theory of Eugenics which pre-WW2 had massive backing from western governments, scientists, intellectuals etc as an argued cloak for "overtly racist" social programs at that time.

Eugenics was politicised science, as is global warming fast becoming (or has now been for many years) and we know from past history how dangerous this is for mankind. Arguably global warming may be true, though nobody actually knows for sure to what degree can be attributed to nature (is it part of a natural trend?) or through man made activities.


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If we get a drought .. its global warming
if we get storms ,,,, its global warming
if its hot ... its global warming
if its freezing ... its global warming
The tree huggers can't lose on this one
Devil_Dog said:
But to ignore the future is worse than denying the past. The past can't be changed. The future can be.
But ignoring, altering, and/or denying the truths of the past make impacting the future positively into a bigger challenge than it already is.


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Just look into your garden if you have one. I refuse to believe that nobody has noticed a difference in their own backyard.
I am not a Bill Oddie but my garden is alive with wildlife. Blue Tits/Great Tits have two broods? Stacks of Goldfinches and the occasional Sparrow Hawk. My pond has 100+ Newts in it all year when they used to bug out in November. Most of the plants are flowering two months early.
If what you describe is that global warming is about to happen, then I would say the holocaust isn't even completed as yet, therefore isn't a viable poll option.


I think you are comparing two very different things here and agree with Glasgow_Jock.

Global Warming as joe_public is being led to believe is a massively simplified version of a model/theory.

One view is that a lot of the talk on CO2 is just the simplest part of more complex model that the government/media are using to 'educate' the public.

There many other things we should be worrying as well as CO2 emmissions but you do not hear about the destruction of natures own nitrogen cycle through man made pollution nearly as often.

My concern is that in the quasi-religous effort to slow CO2 emissions we might produce worse pollution. For example going out to buy a brand new hybrid car rather than keeping your 5 year old VW Golf till its beyond repair is one example. I'm sure there are examples of the amount of pollution caused by the mining of materials for catalytic convertors for cars etc.

What about the recent trend for 'eco-friendly' organic food? It requires more farmland to produce the same crop so is it really more eco-friendly or not?

There are many things that have to be weighed up and thought about for the long term good and I'm afraid that at the moment we are getting some things seriously wrong. Examples in the past of human intervention to try and help nature have gone seriously wrong, I wonder about some of the proposals we hear about now.

The best example to think about is this; Do you prefere a nuclear waste dump down the road or a coal fired power station. In an effort to limit our CO2 emmsions more nuclear power stations will have to be built.

I havn't a clue which I'd prefere but I do want my house warm and my lights to work!


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Hurrah for ARRSE! Even mong polls are allowed. I like you, Devil Dog. But this poll was thick as sh*t...
sawdusty said:
Hurrah for ARRSE! Even mong polls are allowed. I like you, Devil Dog. But this poll was thick as sh*t...

You obviously did not get the point which was: oh forget it....why bother.


Weather is random.

It gets hot in summer and cold in winter.

If I wanna know the tempature I have a perfectly good wall that my thermometer is bolted to so I can look at it, I don't need some tree hugger to stand around with a thermometer telling me I should walk 50km to work every day.


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The holocaust can't really be denied. Bit of a poor show, what?

Nor can the issue of global warming, however, the end is by no means nigh as far as global warming is concerned. The dinosaurs thrived during a period of much higher C02 levels than we are expecting in the next 500 years, as did trees and the like. The dinosaurs did not build seafront penthouses, so they had no problems there either.

The good thing for the tree huggers on this score, apart from the above is that there will be a fair bit less land as the rest will be covered by a stinking brown uber-polluted sludge, but since property is theft, what the heck.

In terms of the earlier points about Eugenics; why are you assuming that eugenics programs ended at the end of WW2? The dutch were doing it afterwards, as was Sweden in the 60's.

The impetus for eugenics has taken a different slant these days as the pressure is now on to clean up the part of the human race that the nutters want to keep during the big 'cull' for want of lebensraum (seeing as how the population is getting to big for an ever decreasin amount of land due to global warming).
Eugenics was actively practised in Alberta, Canada from the very early 30s, right up to 1978, the Social Credit party (a right wing pseudo fundementalist political party of the period) have been given credit for being pioneers in the field, and ultimately influencing various "other" governments of that time.
FACT - In 1295 Harlech Castle, N Wales, was on the coast and its occupants managed to survive a siege by resupplying by sea. The castle is now 2 miles from the sea suggesting a significant lowering of sea levels which corresponds to a massive cooling of the earth to lock that much water into the Antarctic.

FACT - In the winter of 1814 it was so cold in London that you could ice skate from one bank of the Thames to the other.

Both caused by huge fluctuations in temperature, but hey - never let the facts get in the way of a good scare story....

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