Denying access to internet on one of my Pcs accounts

We have a crappy pc in the office, but its fine for what we need it for email, report writing.
There are three accounts on the Pc


All have access to the internet, nightshift when the guys are monitoring the alarms and cctv, we take turns stagging on and are allowed to use internet if on alarm monitor. Obviously Porn is right out, but Arrse is ok as is facebook and iplayer.

One guy can't stop going on porn and this comes up when the history is checked.
So is it possible to set up a 4 th account with access to the shared docs so that he can do reports as needed but can't get at grot.
Apart from the porn which gets us complaints from the female members of staff and senior management the lad is ok and we don't want him binned for misuse of Pc.

Thanks for the help in advance.
Assuming that the account doesnt have administrative permissions and that Internet Explorer is the only browser in the pc - you could use a deny permission on the file iexplore.exe for his account (it'll simply mean he cannot run the internet explorer program). Not possible on Windows XP Home.
Depending on how your machines set up there are a number of ways of doing this, the simplest would be a modified hosts file or perhaps setting your PC to use openDNS. It depends how IT savy you are and Mr PronoKing.
Thanks for the replys, but its a moot point now as we have suspended him, pending disciplinary for going off site leaving it unattended for 4 hours.
Highly likely he will be binned as damage was caused to site while he was off doing whatever it was he was doing (and he ain't telling).
Amputation of offenders fingers normally inhibits p@rn@-surfing.

In this case, an additional benefit is that it also makes it a waste of time.

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