Dentists in Viet Nam?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by JoeCivvie, Mar 20, 2011.

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  1. I need to get 2 or possibly 3 dental implants and a bridge, and my dentist in HK wants to charge about HK$60,000 (about GBP 5 k).

    A lot of people here go to Bangkok for dental work, but I've had VN recommended to me. I'm looking at Westcoast Dentists in Ho Chi Min City (i.e. Saigon) - anyone know them, or can recommend a dentists for implants in HCM/Saigon or Hanoi?

    Thanks very much.
  2. EODMatt may be able to give some advice, send him a PM
  3. £5K is a lot even in Harley Street, never mind HK!

    I am looking at Budapest for a couple of titanium screw in implants at £485 each including consultation and aftercare in London.

    I want to talk to someone who has had it done first as the whole thing seems quite horrifying to me. What are the risks, and does it hurt?
  4. Not sure about VN which may still be a little behind western medicine. I would have thought a better bet would be BKK or even HKT combined with a few days on the beach.
  5. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Average cost in this country is approx £2,000 per unit.

    The only advantage to getting it done abroad is cost, the disadvantage is in follow up and after care. What happens if it goes wrong? Who's going to supply the superstructure?

    It depends why you lost the teeth in the first place, where the implants are being placed(front, side or back) Upper or lower, if they are to support a crown, bridge or denture.

    tehactual surgical side is fairly simple. Cut gum, drill hole in bone( with special shaped sized drill, before anybody does this at home), gently screw in titanium implant (of match size to drill bit) and then it gets different depending on technique. Some systems require you to get stitched up for a wee while, allow osseointergration and then reopen, a small cap palced on implant that buts through the gum, allow to heal, then fit superstructure. Other systems advocate immediate laoding on implant.
    I personally if going for implant work ensure it was a Branemark system.
    And smoking is a big contraindication for success.
  6. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    They are going to pull out your old fangs (if you still have them) drill hole in the bone of your jaw, implant titanium screws, allow the gum to hopefully heal around the fecking great hole so you have bloody great metal screws sticking out and then will stick false teeth onto the framework.

    I'd say it's going to hurt quite a bit. Stay away from Werther's Originals after the op!
  7. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Though on a course last week, did see a video clip of a lady who had the surgery done under hypnosis, no other anaesthesia!

    Now I've doen the course I just need a volunteer!
  8. I remember my hypnotherapy course and getting back to work enthused. I did some work with a heroin user and suggested he never used it again. It was very successful but he then developed a raging crack habit, live and learn.
  9. Thanks, chaps.

    WotW, I live in Hong Kong so VN is only an hours flight away - Budapest is quite a bit further.

    Implants in question are required in lower right jaw, previous bridge went wonky and the nubs underneath turned out to be pretty gash.

    Luckily I stopped smoking about 3 years ago,. I'd done an Alan Carr's session about 10 years previously and stopped for 3 months then started again because of an odd circumstance. When I stopped again 3 years ago, all the A. Carr stuff (including the last 10 mins of hypnotherapy, Jarrod, so I'm a believer) kicked straight in and giving up was no problem at all.

    FF - the mob I'm looking to use in HCM are apparently N. American trained. Here's the response I got to my initial email:

    Thanks to all for responses thus far - much appreciated.
  10. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Their email response sounds fairly respectable, states everything I'd expect to see from an implant clinic anywhere in the world.

    You could ask what the dental surgeon's success rate is and what happens for follow up or if any complications, also whther it is done under LA, GA or sedation?

    Goods news is that lower jaw has a higher success rate than upper as more bone.
  11. Thanks again, Fang Farrier - I'll check your questions out. You're help is much appreciated.
  12. Joe Civvie - Fang Farrier gave you an opinion, i am just a patient but from my point of view he is spot on. I come from a long line of people who; despite reasonable efforts at brushing and flossing, have shite teeth. my experience here in US:

    Cost; Apparently vietnam is about the same as here in the US

    i have had 4 implants with individual crowns over the past 8 years. No problems with 3 of them at all, work great. Done one tooth at a time. On one i left for Ireland a few days after the implant which closed up gum over the implant (i.e. no healing abutment). Got an odd little infection, went to a very nice lady dentist in Donegal town who gave me antibiotics and no problem after that. Only real problem was absolutely no alcohol for 12 days of a vacation in Ireland. (something about the antibiotic) All implants and crowns are now serviceable with no problems.

    Last fall had problems with bottom front teeth, went to dentist and she decided I needed 6 frontmost bottom teeth to go. The sent me to the same periodontist for implants i had gone to before. Late November I went in and had the periodontist take out all 6 teeth and put in 4 implants that will be eventually covered with bridge held by crowns. Right now covered by a clip-in temp bridge.

    As to pain, no worse that most dental work. The periodontist who did my implants took teeth out much more gently that teeth taken out by an oral surgeon. He uses a tiny chisel thing a "periotome" to cut the tissue holding the teeth in and several came out with just finger pressure. the whole process of removing 6 teeth and placing 4 titanium implants took about 2 hours, maybe 2:15. The healing abutmnets are in place. Novacain only for anaesthesia and I drove myself home.

    I could have had the permanent bridge in by now but it is heating season in New England, a cold winter and fuel oil is high and i do need to pay for the work. As I said i have had lots worse discomfort in dental work including a number of root canals and a couple of apicoectomies (sp?) (now that is a BIG job).

    Do not be afraid of the implant process. Not painful and no bad effects afterwards. A couple of odd little things, usually dentists drills spray water. the slow running drill used on bone for implants sprays sterile saline solution so you have a salty taste in your mouth, the implants are screwed into the bone with either a tiny socket torque wrench or a powered wrench like a slow dental drill but also torque controlled so you get clicking at the end of the drill in. The periotome technique described above is different but not paainful, gentler than the yank it out technique and according to my dentist has less chance of damaging bone that will hold the implant.

    Fang Farrier gave great advice from his side of drill but I thought a few words from the other side of the drill might help. For me the most painful part is writing the checque.
  13. David - that's a useful insight from the sharp end of the drill!

    Thank you very much.
  14. Although I have 'thankfully' not had 1st hand experience whilst in Goa a few years ago I was surprised at how many people we met that only went for Dentistry work as it is supposed to be 1/3 the cost of UK - Might be worth a Looksee!
  15. I can recommend Vietnam, the dentists there simply put a few drops of agent orange on the bad tooth and presto, the tooth ache is no longer your main health concern.