Dentist work..

Can TA claim for or get dental work done through the system?
We have to have dental checks at medicals etc, but when I was serving
as reg all dental/medical services are there to be used?
Sorry if this has been asked before!
The medical centres and dental systems are not funded to treat the TA not on Ops. Thats why their are two medical centres at Chilwell, ones a normal one and the other is classed as an operational medical centre
passing through Chilwell next week, and was just seeing if was possible
to get any thing back from the Purse!!
Dont ask you dont get!!
Soz Shreck,

I'm afraid it's only for Regs. Ironically Chilwell can reject you for service if in the opinion of the Dental Officer "you are likely to become a dental casualty in the next 6 months" but the cost of getting that treatment is yours to bear.

Ironically, if you break teeth on tour or in training for Ops, we'd fix them for free. You see the MoD really does care................just not much!

Sorry it ain't good news.

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