Dentist gets £3m a year from NHS

A SOUTH coast dentist is receiving up to £3m a year from the NHS —and channelling payments to an offshore firm.

Richard Marques, who runs two dental surgeries with his two brothers, is paid by the NHS for looking after his patients in Weymouth and for dental care in prisons.

Although the brothers say the income is justified, the scale of the fees will raise new questions about the way the government has used the extra resources poured into the NHS. Last week it was reported that some GPs are earning up to £250,000 per year.,,176-2147811,00.html pay that much just to find a bloody NHS dentist.
i take my family on a 40 mile round trip just to see a NHS dentist all the ones in our area are either private or full up. having read quite a bit on this subject 40 mile is not as far as some people have to travel. :? :? :? :?

why do the NHS make them sign on for a minimum of 5 years after training them :?: :?: :?: :?:

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