Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by smegal, Jul 18, 2007.

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    I have just sent my application away but having read some of the posts on the forum think i am gonna fail the medical. Neglect, smoking and an inability to find an NHS dentist and lack of funds to go private have left there toll on my nashers. If required i will go private ( do you think you can sell a kidney on ebay) to get them sorted but what is the army policy on this. I will need to do something ASAP if dodgy teeth is a failure.
  2. I went through training with a bloke who's teeth were pretty much rotting out of his head! some of the other blokes had appalling choppers too, so they dont appear too strict on this. I think you could probably get treatment when you're in. If in doubt ask your recruiter.
  3. After an accident a year ago, which left one of my front nashers hanging out but then got it put in. It is dead though so will rot away soon meaning I wont have a front tooth. I have more to worry about than you mate, as long as you can bite, chew and swallow then happy days. If you have something like gum diease get it see to, either way good luck.
  4. AFAIK the only dental problems that will stop you enlisting is if you are currently undergoing orthodontic treatment.
    There have been cases of individuals deferred until the ortho treatment is complete. Ortho appliances need to be adjusted regularly and it is impossible to continue the treatment during phase 1 & 2 training.
  5. Cheers for the advice. I understand you get a dental check up when you arrive at basic training. Ive got 2 rotten teeth that could be extracted prior to joining but NHS dentists are like hens teeth(sorry about the pun)
  6. Lol I have fillings ;)

    That made me chuckle ;)

    Well as a non soldier i'd assume that aslong as it doesn't ache you should be A okay, cause some peoples teeth are yellow ;)
  7. It won't rot if you look after it. If it rots, it is because your admin and personal hygiene are poor and therefore, you are a minger.
  8. Everyone gets an inspection when they join up, an NHS dentist will charge you the best part of £50 to take them out, a private dentist (shop around) probably won't charge more than £150 for treatment plan and extractions. Think about all the shite you eat, drink and smoke that you don't need to and stop. The money that you save will pay for you to sort your gob rot before you join. Don't blame the lack of NHS dentists for your lack of personal hygiene.
  9. I am not a minger thabk you very much. But yes maybe rot was the wrong word to use, what I mean to say is my tooth is now dead, meaning it has no nerve in it, therefore is going to die, and things that are dying decay.
    Simple really, put some thought into it.
  10. It may well stay and look clean but eventually it will fall out because it is dead.
  11. Oh right, did they teach you that at dental school? No? Well they taught me that is bollox for a start and that patients have weird ideas about their teeth and that they never take any responsibility for their own dental health but instead prefer to blame dentists. Hey ho, where did you qualify anyway?
  12. i have never seen a dentist in my life mate. he said my teeth were fine. i do have a rather weird tooth which growns in a strange direction. from me being punched. bit hill billy style:p
  13. When in my posts have I blamed a dentist? None, I thought so. My tooth will eventually fall out because it has no nerve, thats what I was told.
  14. Weeeeelll that's not true. Get a second opinion.
  15. A tooth will NOT fall out because it is 'dead'! The bulk of a tooth is not made of living tissue, like hair or fingernails only a small part of it is living tissue. If the nerve has died then the tooth may gradually discolour but that is not decay. Decay is caused by acid dissolving the tooth enamel. A tooth will fall out either through trauma or periodontal disease (poor dental hygiene).