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  1. Hi I have two teeth that have crumbled away over time at the back of my mouth on either side, the gum has healed over the gaps and Ive never had any problems with pain, chewing or swallowing.

    My question is will the fact that they have just crumbled away cause any problems with the medical at either ADSC or P1?

    Ive spoke to ACO and they dont know so just though someone on here could advise from either experience or knowledge.

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  2. You'll have a dental check up when you join and the problems will be rectivied as you progress through training. They will do their best to get you dentally fit....
  3. Ok thanks
  4. Used to be they would try and get you dentally fit before you finished basic training and move on to your unit, but so much has changed since I left they may not have dentists anymore! Someone younger will be along any minute to correct or confirm lol
  5. Why not go and get a check up at your dentist, they're quite good with dental advice.
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  6. I have done but the dentist just said that he doesnt know how the Army works and that the only thing he could do is remove the nerves and the little bits of teeth that remain. But that wouldnt make a difference as they are not open to infection anyway.
  7. So you've been reassured by your dentist but thought it wise to ask on here where to my knowledge we only have one dentist who cannot do internet inspections. Then I suppose if you've got a webcam it could work, get some instruments and he'll tell you which bits to scrape and pull.
  8. But my question is with the fact they just crumbled, will that fact be investigated with Army medicals?
  9. Do you own a toothbrush?
  10. Yes
  11. Teeth just don't crumble it's due to neglect and poor dental hygiene. You've been reassured by your dentist and I don't think anyone can advise you further on here.
  12. I didn't mean to be facetious [I apologise], and if you're making me type a lot as a wind up I will track you down :) ,But common sense should tell you that even if a 'crumbling tooth' disease did exist [Fang Farrier will doubtless advise, when he's stopped inflicting pain on people!] it would be extremely unlikely to affect only two of the 28 ~ 32 teeth you have in your mouth [providing you're not a child] Therefore, as said by Jarrod above its far more likely to have been caused by letting them go a bit, even if you didn't notice. Now stop worrying about it, its unlikely to affect your medical, I don't think most doctors feel qualified to even look in the mouth. You'll have a dentists check up, when you're in, they'll say you need lots doing, and then they'll get on with doing it as you progress through training and beyond. From that point on you will be well looked after..... [slightly tongue in cheek ~ see what I did there!*]

    *other dental jokes are available............
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  13. have the rest of your teeth punched out, that may even save someone considerable effort later on in life.
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  14. I simply wanted to know an answer to my question, remarks like that arn't appriciated and will likely get your teeth knocked out first.
  15. Stop dripping, you've had your answer so wind your neck in.

    And clean your teeth twice daily.
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