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  1. Morning All.

    Basically, I am due to start Phase 1 next month, I remember when I was at selection having my medical the doctor told me I have a tooth that needs to come out and that it should be done prior to starting Phase 1 training.

    Unfortunatley due to the shoddy nature of my job, i dont earn enough to pay for denistry, but I am not entitled to free NHS denistry.

    Im just wondering, will this affect anything when I start training? I appreciate that it's not really a scenario that is common knowledge, just thought there might be someone on here might know the procedure.

    Many Thanks :)
  2. Iff you could get to Cardiff a quick trip to the Dental Hospital at the University Hospital of Wales would sort you out as the do free dental work
  3. I'd like to know why you aren't able to use the NHS, it costs £45.60 for tooth removal - may not be free but it's a shite sight less than private :D
  4. tropper is bang on, i had 2 really bastardish wisdom teeth, turned up at the dental hospital in agony, 3 hours of waiting and they were removed for free!! tell you what wisdom teeth are fackin HUGE!!! :p
  5. Depending rather on a lottery as to where you live, many dentists have now refused to deal with the NHS at all, and now run completelyas "private", though many have monthly subscription schemes to spread the cost.
  6. my NHS dentist was sound with me until he found out i was joining the army, thats why i went to the dental hospital, can anyone guess his religion?? :roll:
  7. Helpful guys thanks, but i was worried about getting MD'd for a tooth that needs to come out because of the way the ADSC doctor put it. But that's not likely is it?

    Appreciate the help :)
  8. chances are they'd not be happy with you for not getting it removed as you were told to, i think they'd probably send you to the catterick dentist but obviously i cant be 100% if this would be the case, the best course of action is to get the fcuker removed :)
  9. Sorry for the bump, but I had two teeth taken out. Like was suggested I got it done before training. Don't know if anyones had a tooth out but, basically you have a big area which has to heal, my dentist said this takes a month, but I start basic next week. Does anyone know what the doctors will say when they see I've got tooth extractions which aren't fully healed yet? It's not to warrant an MD is it? I can eat fine and train.

    Many Thanks
  10. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Sorry I missed this first time.

    It depends on tooth and region.

    I've taken teeth out of guys who've gone out to play rugby in the afternoon without problem. Only thing I've ever stopped folk doing for a day or two is diving or flying and even then it depends on what tooth and how difficult it was to take out and if there were any stitches involved.

    If you're eating then you should be fine.

    I would get in touch with dentist ( they are more expert on these things than your average GP) who took your teeth out and ask them to write you a dental fitness certificate

    Feel free to PM me if I can help more.
  11. Hey guys while were on this subject .

    I have a hole in one of my teeth that is not causing any pain at all,
    i have selection comeing soon could i get defered for haveing the hole in my tooth ?.

    I am training very well and am able to still box and spar just wondered what the protercall was ???

    Thanks whm
  12. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Dental is not specifically checked by a DO though the MO may look in your mouth.

    Depending on the MO, they or not notice.

    Best to get it looked at, it will need fixed at some time and better earlier than later.

    You're better off getting it fixed
  13. Thanks mate i am going to get it looked at just 3 month wait at my nhs dentist so not sure if be able to get a date for b4 my selection date
    cheers Whm
  14. Anyone know where people with braces stand.

    i did search but not very helpful answers.

    im 15 and have braces that are due out in about 1 year. The sgt at the AFCO said i may get to winchester in september if i get to selection in april/may time. but he himself said hes not sure about the braces either.
  15. I have heard that braces are a definate no no no matter what part of the army you joing . But im sure someone will be along soon to confirm this ,

    hope this helps mate,