Dental work abroad

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DarkNinja, Apr 2, 2010.

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  1. Anyone have any experience of this?
    Looking at prices for implants which are a fraction of the cost in the U.K (a holiday too!)
    Seems to be a lot of people flogging the idea, particularly in Budapest
  2. I know someone that went abroad, will get details. I know he was very happy with the outcome.

    To add: He went to Hungary. Will get details about where, and with whom.
  3. Thanks Guys, Not sure about the legs remark? Deep fillings?
  4. Poor blok, it seems his old man didn't work twice.
  5. Ha Ha I thought you meant the dental work put him in a chair!
  6. About 3 years ago, my wife flew to Capetown to visit her sister and whilst there had a couple of crowns and a filling.

    The total cost of the return flight and the dentist's charges was only a couple of hundred pounds more than if she had had her teeth fixed in the UK, and the work was very high quality.

    So, to those who can - go abroad and have a bit of a holiday also.
  7. N.H.S dentistry in this country is a national disgrace and has been for the last 10 years. There has been very little if any effort by Government to properly address the problem and "importing" eastern europeans in by the bucket full to take over from British dentists because they (British dentists) see money in the private sector more appealing then the welfare of their patents is a case of pure personal greed and is ethically and morally wrong in the medical world.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Ah but don 't forget they will pick up the pieces (no pun intended) for free if your overseas operation goes wrong.

  9. Hungary has some excellent dentists and if you drive over the border from Austria, at most points there is a dental hotel. If you go to Budapest then you are paying Capitol City prices. Better to to go one of the smaller towns. Even with the pound being crap, it's still a good deal. I recently had 3 white fillings private and it cost me a total of about 30 quid.
  10. I had £7000 of dental work done in thailand over 12mths. flight cost £550, lived like a king for £70/wk.

    12mths holiday, top quality dental work, only one NSI and it was still cheaper than UK.

    Think budapest, etc is cheaper than thailand, but the chics ain't got such cute little brown bums tho...

    Dentist was in Bangkok if u want a recommendation, although i was based mainly in Pattaya (Babylon), but did Island, mountain & cambodian excursions too.
  11. Was quoted £14000 for a gob full of crowns last year here in the UK.Flew out to Kracow,Poland,picked up at the airport was given a 2 bed flat in the old quarter of the city,tour of the city (which is cracking on a weekend),tour of Auschwitz,ferried back and forth to the dentist.The dentist itself would put a British dentist to shame absolutely top notch.Had to go out there twice because of the amount of work I needed and all for £5000.Would never go back to a dentist in this country mate.If you need dentist info I will PM you.
  12. But why the funk must i travell overseas for dental work when my own country men should be doing it via the N.H.S !!
  13. Absolutely agree, but my answer has to be because a free market has lead to unbridled greed of dentists.
  14. That must have instilled confidence.
  15. Don't tell me they were still asking you to select which gold teeth you wanted?