Dental treatment on leaving forces

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Fallschirmjager, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. I'm leaving the forces next week and still need dental treatment. The dentist can't fit me in next week and said once I'm a civvy that the MoD may finish my dental treatment as a 'good will gesture'. Is this bollocks? Does the army have to finish my treatment or am I looking at a £1000 bill from the civvy dentist?

  2. As I understand things, you cannot be discharged unless medically fit or offically downgraded via a med board etc. This applies to dental too. You cannot be dentally fit if you are undergoing/require work. The dentist will need to continue the work if it has been deemed required. They are on an even stickeir wicket if the treatment has been started.

    It may be possbile for another service dental centre to take you on to get the work done, if that is closer to where you live.
  3. Yep. I'm posted away at the moment but will be living in Colchester where I originally started my treatment. The dental centre at Colchester have took my mobile number to book an appointment 'sometime'. What I don't want is to ring them up once I'm a civvy asking for them to finish my treatment only for them to say 'Fuckoff you civvy no mark ****'. Would just like to know where I stand.
  4. FSJ,

    Once you're out, you're out. My advice is to pop into Colchester DC, if you can, and speak to one of the DO's. They are not obliged to do anything but emergency work but they might, once you have explained your case, be able to fit you in.
  5. ******* hell, thats what I was going to say to your first post in a weeks time.
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  6. IF you can find a civilian nhs dentist you only pay a % normally about 30-50% of cost. If you however find one that will only treat you with dental cover insurance like dentplan you could be paying upto £50 a month!!
  7. engr172

    engr172 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    When I first got out I needed dental work doing. The mob jacked it up with Liverpool dental hospital and was all sorted. Don't know if the rules are still the same I am not sure mate.
  8. If treatment was started in good faith , ie not turning up with last minute dot com dramas , then all should work out well , but if requiring £1000`s of treatment revealed in the last week then jog on , trust no one ask for confirmation in writing .
  9. Not a very good Paratrooper then if you still got teeth :)
  10. I'm in the same boat, undergoing treatment as we speak with 3 weeks left. I have been told that the DC can, and will, continue work that has started for up to 6 months post discharge.

    Hope that helps.
  11. Cheers muckers. Will be visiting Colchester dental centre tomorrow.
  12. Yes, but Fally has teeth like Billy-Bob!
  13. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Things may be different now, but in my day, ones discharge included making sure your teeth were FE, or the same as when you came in.

    My inspection in Hildesheim was with the fittest blond female in the nashers corps. Christ, the queues of patients bore testimony to her filthy looks and smashing breasts.... I digress fnar umph!

    Anyhow, she inspected me grid, her breasts heaving to be set free from her uniform, me trying like **** not to show how much my penis liked her, before she uttered the most passion killing sentence of my entire life "I see you still have all your wisdom teeth, two are too difficult to remove today, so I will book you into BMH for a week today, but I will take the other two out now for you"!!

    Cue flacid cock and me turning white to say to the VOL "they are mine, I came in with them, I am going out with them". Subsequently I signed the disclaimer and.....what was the OP's question???
  14. I've heard he hides behind his rank alot.
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  15. If what you require doing makes you dentally unfit, they are obliged to continue treatment after discharge regardless of time. That is until you sign a disclaimer or they sign a doc stating noting further can be done. Thereafter it is either jog on
    Nothing can be done, or, injury due to service, put a claim in, get fecked off, appeal, roll in dosh! PS a fight in the Pegasus bar is not injury in service;)