Dental Techician - Help needed

Hello all, just a quick one,

I am currently on a CLM course, and have been given the weekend to prepare a presentation on the Dental Technician CEG.

I have been Looking on the internet and have come up with a hundred sites giving information on the RADC but only one or two of these sites even mentions 'Dental Techs' as a trade! They all mention dental nurse, hygienist and dental officer' but nothing on technicians! :-(

Can anyone tell me if this is even a genuine CEG, and if it is, where i can find Information on it. (Role, phase 2, qualifications gained etc)

Many thanks x
Genuine CEG

Direct Entry only - so must be qualified
Cpl on Appointment
Sgt after 3 years (usually)
By selection after Sgt

There are four specialist areas. Prosthodontic technicians design and make dentures. Conservation technicians specialise in crown and bridge work. Orthodontic technicians make braces to correct tooth positions. Maxillo-facial technicians (sometimes also known as maxillofacial prosthetists) work is based in hospital oral surgery, ophthalmic, cancer and burns units, helping to reconstruct the faces of patients damaged by accident or disease

Qualifications: possible etc
Usual Military ones - no bars - some have done Para, Commando etc, NCB instructor, PTI etc

Civilian quals:

A registered dental technician (RDT) had undergone education and training to a minimum standard to meet the General Dental Council's curriculum. Currently, the Foundation Degree Edexcel/BTEC National Diploma in Dental Technology BSc, BSc(Hons) and Scotvec Higher National Certificate in Dental Technology fulfil the requirement for registration.

Professional Membership
General Dental Council - same as dentisits :)
Cheers that is spot on! (The direct entry route will explain why i cant find anything through the recruitment websites then i expect).

So there is no phase two training for me to mention and their operational role would be limited to a role three/bastion setting???

Thanks alot for that mate, that's helped me out alot. :-D x
Sorry forgot

Phase 2 training - they have a war role of Dental Nurse if not emplyed in their primary role

So Phase 2 training is to train as a Nurse - however that may well have changed in the last few years - retired in 2005 so may be out of touch
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