dental implants

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ordinaryforces, May 7, 2013.

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  1. has anyone on here any experience of dental implants? what sort of money? whats the comfort level like? that sort of stuff, my last two dentist have been spanish girls...friggin useless.and their standard of work I consider unsatisfactory,she done a root canal six months ago and it still hurts, she insists there is nothing wrong with tooth.
  2. I have no experience of such work. However, if you are going down that route, I would suggest that you do a little research into going abroad and getting the work done at a fraction of the UK cost.

    My sister goes to Hungary for her dental treatment.
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  3. Knew two girls and one bloke in work who had full implants and a further three girls who had 'partials' - they were in Corporate PR/Entertainment, had crap teeth so it was a must for them. All good, they looked natural, and they all reckoned they were very happy and never regretted having them done.

    I'd be very, very, careful who you use. Only go 'top of the range' and cost depends on what you have done, but it's expensive, I think it was around £15-£18K (in 2008) for the full monty, but that was Harley St quality....but I'm told it's worth it.

    Met one guy who'd had his done for around a third of the price, but it was either in Poland or the Czech republic, can't remember which, but he was happy with his.

    Don't know about the pain aspect, didn't affect me so I didn't care.

    Note: Just read the last post and remembered it was in Hungary the guy had his done.
  4. thanks gents
    I've looked into the Hungary thing but I'm only needing four so I think GB will do.
  5. I'm not worried about the work in the chair..friggin nails me:) It's the comfort further down the line that concerns me.
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Be wary. I was set on them, but my dentist told me - most honestly, as I'm sure he would have been in for a cut - that as I grind my teeth that implants would be a waste of dosh. They'd break, and cost the earth, unless they were titanium or gold. One would wear down and break the 'opposite' tooth, and the other would break my bank. Oh, and both would look awful.
  7. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    slovenia and croatia do holiday and dental packages which are supposed to be very good. hungary has allways had good dentists as has czech, slovakia and the polish ones arent too bad either. most nhs dentsts have a east european on staff making money before they do home again.

    they all hammer the pegs in if you are having crowns done.
  8. Please don't go abroad to have implant treatment, they almost certainly use different systems to those in the UK and if anything goes wrong you won't be able to be treated in UK!

    Funnily enough I used to work on the implant team at Guys - the Astra system they used had been tried and tested for over 30 years with a high success rate. Unfortunately I've been out of it for a while so can't comment on the "implants in a day" systems that are being peddled all over the place.

    If you can get your implants done at a teaching hospital, this is the best route to take. However they do have strict criteria as to which patients they will accept for treatment - if you can get a referral from a dentist or doctor stating that your dental problems are affecting your life i.e. you have trouble eating, speaking, (or better still a psychiatric report stating that you have clinical depression because of your teeth!!) you may be considered for free treatment! Well it's worth a try :)

    Edited to add: With any luck this will bait Fang Farrier into coming up with the most up to date and sensible information.
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  9. cheers lumpy2
    theres a school of dentistry just 8mile away, I'll look into your method.
  10. I had a transplant/implant done in 1976 at the Manchester Dental Training Hospital. (For free prior to joining JLR RCT).

    No problems until around 2000 when I was punched in the face.

    The tooth went black and appeared to rot from the inside out. It broke off and required an hard extraction to remove the base.

    The current Dentist requires £2000 to replace it.
  11. How did an implant go black and rot?
  12. No idea, I understand that I had two teeth trying to grow in the same area, (one under the other).

    If I remember correctly they removed both and reset one. (Real tooth).

    Drilled into the jaw/gums.

    I was in the Manchester Dental Hospital for a week and discharged wearing an gum shield type guard.

    The guard was removed days before I attending JLR.

    I used to attend the Dental Hospital for routine check ups until about 1978 when I was posted to Germany.

    It looked no different to the rest of my teeth until I was punched in the mouth and over a period of weeks it appeared to rot from the inside.

    Maybe different to what is being done nowadays.

    Maybe not relevant!!!

    All I really remember is the Student Nurses at the Manchester Dental Hospital were very fit.
  13. I had a full dental check up and servicing before I left the UK, three years ago, my UK dentist polished all my MOD, NHS and Private fillings telling me I was set for at least a couple of years. I arrived in septicland and after a couple of months we went to find the family dentist.

    The septic nearly fell over when he looked in my mouth, how could I live with fillings, uneven teeth, and a slight off whitedness?

    Long story short, I had the full hollywood smile treatment four crowns up front, a couple of others in the back with a couple of root canals for good measure. They don't like fillings here, the attitude is that if it is worth filling it should be crowned.

    Anyway, I whinged about the cost to a mate and he pointed me at Slovakia for implants and crowns - a bit too far to go from the US though. My Mrs had a Slovak working for her at the bank in the UK and she gets her dental work done whenever she goes home on holiday, swearing blind that Slovak dentists are better than Brit ones. So Slovakia may be an option.

    As for root canals hurting after the fact. Mine ached for around a year and I used to mention this to the dentist. He told me that it was quite common to feel an ache from the ligaments for around 12 months afterwards. If there has been cosmetic work that involves keeping a stub of the original tooth and placing a crown over that which is at a different angle to the original tooth then there can be ligament ache for a long while.
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  14. effendi thanks for taking the trouble to post that long post,
    A yank dentist would have a field day with me,besides I think white straight teeth A LA hollywood looks ridiculous when you are older, the pain in my tooth isn't in the gumline, its like a nettle stinging on the actual top of the tooth, I had major surgery on my jaw as a young fella and I still have wire in my gum ,left over ,they never removed it and said it will do no harm but I'm starting to think it's the basis for my problems,and my dentist thinks anything over 15mins duration is not to be done.
  15. Having a mouth with a distinct lack of assorted teeth I looked into implants as a replacement for a rather crap prosthesis. Its not as straight forward as it may first appear. After teeth have been extracted the hole refills with cartilage. This takes at least six months. Next step is to see if the bone in the jaw is sufficiently in width to support the screws of the implants. Apparently its not for everybody. If all is okay the screws/supports on which the implant will be placed are inserted with the aid of much hammering and cursing. After that comes another wait to ensure that there is no infection before finally a new set of nashers are provided, either magnetic click-on or fixed.

    The above is what I was able to discern from an oral surgeon and a couple of dentists. I guess the procedure may vary but I'd be wary of somebody proposing short cuts particularly on the infection side of things.

    Prices quoted were about 10k euros for the better part of a bottom set. I've no idea of the prices for Polish or Hungarian dental vacations. Personal choice, but I'd prefer, when possible, to be in a hospital where I have a chance of speaking the local lingua franca.
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