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I keep reading that unless you have 'perfect' dental health (ie, all of your teeth) then you won't be able to be deployed !! I had a couple of rear teeth broken and extracted due to a car accident a year or so ago but im currently saving up money to have the missing teeth permanently replaced and I'd hate to think that this will stop me serving my country abroad as this is the main reason I enlisted into the TA. Will I be able to be deployed once I've had the work done or am I just wasting my money with no chance of future deployment ? This is very important to me so please only reply with sincere answers people. Thanks


Why bother getting the rear teeth replaced? You can still chew your food can't you?
Don't be ******* stupid. Do you really think that the thousands of TAs that have been deployed over the last decade all have perfect teeth? Why would you need perfect teeth? To look great in photos or for chewing the ears of dead talibans?
All they are interested in is making sure that you wont need dental work while deployed, and possibly having a good record to help ID you if you get blown to bits.
The dentists at RTMC used to have a bit of a reputation for binning people for dental health issues. This may be a reflection of the poor dental health state of the country. If you were going to need significant dental treatment, you weren't going. However ...

They didn't bat any of their eyelids at my removed wisdom teeth. It was future rather than previous dental problems they were concerned about.

Secondly, unless it has changed very recently, you no longer have a dental exam as part of your mobilisation course.


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Forgive me if my information is out of date but don't suspect it has changed that much.

It used to be there were 3 levels of dental fitness, Dentally fit, combat fit and unfit.

Obviously dentally fit means no obvious decay or other problems such as partially erupted wisdom teeth

Combat fit means should not have any problems in next 6 months or so, so small cavities might be ok, early gum disease, partially erupted wisdom teeth.

Unfit means exactly that, likely to have problems so large cavities, ongoing abscesses, troublesome wisdom teeth.

It was unusual to see someone not go due to being dentally unfit but if someone goes dentally sick then it can be a bugger getting them back from a forward location to a dental centre and then back to duty again, meanwhile leaving their role unfilled for something that can be avoided.

With respect to your specific query, it depends how you mean getting them replaced, lack of teeth does not make you dentally unfit. (in fact the less teeth the better, as less to cause problems!)

The original reason for the Army recruiting dentists was due to the number of dentally sick during the Boer War which meant the soldiers couldn't eat their rations which were mainly hard biscuits!
Thank you very much for the sensible replies everyone. Your advice is very much apprieciated. My civvy dentist has declared me dentally fit requiring no further treatment as i can eat, bite, chew and chew as normal without pain etc and I don't suffer any other conditions or problems so once again thanks for all your advice everyone, it's good to know there are people on this forum that actually want to give a newbie like myself the help they need (unlike certain others who think taking the piss and or being spiteful is helpful) yeh I know I'll suffer a lot worse than this in the future but there's a time and a place for all that and right now all I need is a helping hand at this stage of my application so once again thanks all
Yeh I know I keep biting but I'm only trying to give as good as I get that's all. I don't wanna disrespect no one but i just dont understand all this TA hating and getting stupid spiteful replies to serious questions/concerns I have. Yeh I could always just ask my unit for info but I thought that this forum was for people to help each other out as well and not just to take the piss out of people. Thankfully there are some sensible people on here that see things the same way as I do !!
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