Dental Fit?

I am just coming up to my 22 year point and on the "termination timeline" it says to arrange a dental examination. I rang the dental center and they say they are not obliged to give me one as my next inspection is due after I have left.
I always thought that you should be dental fit before you leave or at least they would sort out any problems you have, after you leave?
My understanding is that you are supposed to have a dental check, purely so the records are updated, but on my termination paperwork it never mentioned a dental check, only the medical.

However i know from others that did undergo a dental inspection prior to leaving, the only work they will do is routine, and definitely no cosmetics :)

I was hoping to have all mine pulled before i left and get some false ones to set me up later in life (and save the cost) but apparently they don't do it, and just as well because i went long service :D
I tipped up for my demob dental check only to be told I should have had it 6 months before demob date, exactly how I was supposed to know that I have no idea as six months before I was blissfully unaware that I was going to leave !
You don't have to be dentally fit to join, ergo there is no obligation to make you dentally fit before you leave. In general it will probably depend how busy your dental centre is, unfortunately those who are leaving aren't seen as a priority. Try chatting up the receptionist!
As previously posted there is no requirement to have a release dental but you would be best advised to get any dental work done before you leave at tax payers expense!!


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