Dental Check In Basic?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by hendo24, Aug 13, 2008.

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  1. I was just wondering how tip top your teeth have to be to pass the dental check in phase one, i have a hole in one of my back teeth that i never got filled, basically it healed so i have no trouble with it but im worried that ill be told to go away and have it sorted, or will it be fine seeing as i have no problems and can eat with it fine?
  2. Why don't you just go and get it checked by a dentist now. Then you won't have to worry about it.
  3. Just leave it and let the Army dentist practice giving you fillings. I got about five. I probably saved a fortune, but I now look like Jaws from the James Bond films.
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  4. basically im not a fan of people sticking drills in my mouth hence leaving it for so long already, i think ill have to get it sorted beforehand. the sound of " the butchers " just doesnt inspire a visit to a army dentist!
  5. Talking about dentists i've just got a letter from Lichfield saying i'm being deffered and its all because my dentist went and messed up taking my wisdom tooth out. I'm sooo anoyed with my dentist and i wish the boody hospital would hurry up and give me a date for my op to have the rest of it removed. So i'm gonna give the hospital a ring i think and see how much longer i'm gonna have to wait. Its soo frustrating.
  6. They havn't actually told me how long i'm being defered for. I'm guessing i have to ring my carres office to find that out or is it because i'm waiting for surgery?
  7. I'd wait untill i got to basic, by the time they check your nashers you'll be a few weeks into training.

    (was it not phase 2 that you got your dental checks?)

    I've saved a fortune in dentist bills, and if you're lucky enough to be posted to JHQ, make sure you get the female Sqn ldr as a as!
  8. Was told at selection yesterday that you have a dental check in the first week of basic, and if you need ANY work doing then you'll be deferred until it has been done. I'm gonna phone around the local dentists later and try and get a check up as soon as possible, I haven't had a dentist for a few years now and the last thing I want is to be deferred because of my fackin' teeth of all things!
  9. Teeth dont "heal" if the hole appears to have vanished, its probably just bunged up with rotting food which will lead to an abcess and root canal work.
    Don't muck about where your teeth are concerned, man up and get them sorted pronto.
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  10. I second what Sandman said

    Besides they don't call army dentists butchers for nothing, and the ones on training camps are usually there to keep them away from more expensive pilots etc etc
  11. I know this a old post but I start training in two days and I was just wondering if you could help me I half a chipped back tooth I did have dentice today but they had a power cut. Will this cause me proberlems with my phase one medical or will they sort it ?
  12. Navy dentists aren't much better, mate.
  13. I'm joining the army bud I just wanted to know if this is going to cause proberlems with my medical or they will fix it
  14. Dentists are dentists. They are there to look after your health. As a dental nurse of many years' standing, I have to say it pisses me off when dentists are regarded negatively. Man up and get your teeth fixed!
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  15. No, no, Lumps. He wants a different answer and he wants it NOW!!!!
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