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Long story short, some civy pushed infront of us when queuing in town, I told him to get to the back, a fight broke out, I got punched in the mouth (he ended off worse) how ever now I feel the aligment of my lower jaw is different. Before they might of been slighty off but now I cant help but feel my two front teeth have been pushed in slightly more. I went to the dentist and he said my teeth are still the same (I really doubt it) and now the two teeth are starting to become uncomfitable pushing together. Ive done 4 years in the infantry and I plan to be out in December, is there any chance the army could give me braces because this is getting on my nerves.
Sorry did a search on this and couldn't find anything.
get new dental x-rays done and compare to older x-rays, if there is a difference get it sorted
Orthodontic work will take a while to see any results and you'll be out of the army soon, get it sorted when you're a civvy.


Get an appointment to see the dentist, say you're having teeth problems and get them to sort it. Even if they look the same or not.
but if they are anything like your room, no doubt a lot of work needed
but if they are anything like your room, no doubt a lot of work needed
Obvously I don't want to pay for braces so leaving it till i'm a civvy dosnt seem the right way to go about it, I don't know if I would still have to in the army though. As you can see i'm trying to get my moneys worth before leaving! Thanks for the info about the X-ray.
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