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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Adam.W, Mar 28, 2008.

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  1. Hi i am new to the forum so i wasn't to sure where to put this. I just wondered i am trying to join up to Infantry i have done my Barb test just waiting to go off to do my training and just wondering what are the rules on a Dental brace as they not let me go with it on they papers off to medical and they not accept me. Just wondered if anyone could shed some light on this.
  2. The last half of that post hurt my brain. Anyway its pretty unlikely that you'd get through selection medical with a tin-grin.
  3. Sorry, my first langauge is English. What is yours? :twisted:

    I know of people in the Army with girder gobs, but i don´t know what you are trying to say.
  4. The dental rules where of great worry to me when I first joined up as two years prior I had a nasty caving accident and smashed most of my teeth resulting in a good portion of them having to be extracted. The entry rules state recruits must have no excessive dental defects or conditions.

    As it turned out, provided you haven't got shrinking gums or some real nasty dental disease that turns your mouth into the oral equivalent of Chernobyl its ok. In the future I have a long course of root canal work, bridge fitting and implants to look forward to but as its not going to interfere with my army service its fine. I was also passed at the medical.

    I found during this process that a brace is also not an automatic bar to entry provided it wont interfere with your training or operationally as a soldier. However it can be a discretionary bar if the medical people feel it will present a problem.

    Go and see your dentist, make sure apart from the braces everything else is fine and get him to insure that any problems, refittings, tightening up or anything like that to your girders won't be needed during training and you should be fine.
  5. Basically i was just wondering if i was allowed in with the Dental Brace on or not as im being told at my Careers office that i can't.
    Sorry for the SA on the start of the post lol :lol:
  6. Can't see an issue here. Believe it or not their are Orthodontists in the Defence Dental Agency. I had a brace on for two years.

  7. The Army normally prefer you to be ''dentally fit'' as this comes within the bracket of being medically fit... the reason behind their thinking is that if you join the Army needing dental treatment then the responsibility (and cost) for the treatment is transferred from the NHS to the DDS... but I know of lads who've joined with braces.
  8. Yeah I agree, your braces shouldn't be a barrier to you entering Phase 1 training. The RADC/DDS (whatever we call ourselves today) should pick up your Orthodontic treatment after they do your dental check in the first week of Phase 1 (Basic) Training.

    The Careers Office Guys are probably just scared of all that metal. Dentists will be more worried about loads of cavities and whether you'd be a risk on deployment.
  9. No you are not allowed to start phase 1 with a brace on due to it needing to be tightened every month or so.
    It clearly states on the medical questionaire than you should complete and dental brace treatment before you join. In my case i only have the brackets in place and not the full brace, i have posponed the treatment until i know i have passed adsc, then i will have the brackets taken off.
    I had four bloody (literally ;) ) teeth taken out for this treatment and then decided to join the army so i am regretting having them pulled out, yet again i will need them out anyway when i get a brace put on in the future, which the army can provide after phase 1.