Dennis Taylor, 1985 and BFBS?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by PandaLOVE, Jul 7, 2008.

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  1. I've just started reading Dennis Taylors book Frame by Frame - My Own Story (from 1985) and it begins: At 22 minutes past midnight on Monday, 29 April 1985 I potted the black to win a game of snooker.

    That was the moment the snooker legend won the Embassy World Title and I can remember watching it, mesmerised, frame by frame. Or did I?

    My old man and I used to watch all the snooker on TV in the late 70s, early 80s but in 1985 I was stationed in Germany. I had been on my first ever home leave that February and did not go on leave again until they had moved house after the summer. So, how did I watch it live, or did I?

    My question is this, did BFBS broadcast live sport? If not then I'm one confused little puppy. Thanks.

  2. FFS, surely someone served in BAOR in '85 or is it true that ARRSE is 96% civpop.
  3. I was in BAOR in 85 but I was either busy holding back the Third Shock Army or snorting coke of the arse end of a Hanovarian hooker.
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    They certainly didnt do anything live in 84, even the night radio show was a recording of the previous 12 hours!
    In fact we had more life in the FI in 85!
  5. No mate. They experimented with live Corrie and Eastenders in about 88/89 IICR but went back to delaying it because every time the stream dropped out they had to reschedule the programme.

    Sport started about the same time. I am convince that at one stage they showed Grandstand a week late, final score and everything, however, every time this subject comes up (the hours fly by in my social circles) people just stare at me blankly.

    3rd Shock Army, I seem to remember them, where they in the Verdun region or was it Dortmund :?:
  6. Thank you everyone for that. Maybe I watched Dennis Taylor on Youtube the other night (I did) and just got confused with two nights ago and BAOR in 1985. I'm sure I watched the first moon landing in 1959 but I was born in '66 and......

    Third Shock Army? Sorry, I've never heard Flash, should I know of this? It was live on TV right?
  7. Some of the answers are a little misleading because they certainly used to braodcast the FA cup final live at that time. I was based in BAOR then, but I was on my Staffies course in Catterick when the game was on. Sorry can't help much.
  8. But you did help much and thank you for it GBS. Maybe I did watch Dennis that night. Snooker was as big as the FA Cup viewer numbers wise. And the moon landing........
  9. I remember watching the 1976 Montreal Olympics on BFBS (SKC in old money). We bought our first colour telly for the occasion. I'm sure it was live?
  10. Fcuk me how old are you Flashy? We? Were you a pads brat? Anyway, too many presonal questions, you'll start blushing. I hope you did watch the '76 Olympics live on SKC/BFBS. It makes the possibility of me watching Dennis less likely to be a big fat lie.

    On a side note, how stupidly dumb can a wife get? I'm a staunch Hammers fan trying to convert my son (who at 12 still can't grasp how a player can play for England and a club) and yesterday I had to double take a look at what my son was wearing. Wifeoid only went out and bought him a Bolton Wanderers home strip, a Bolton Wanderers away strip and a Sunderland home strip all for £6 (paid way too much for that cloth bog roll IMO). None of us, our parents, our great grand parents or our great, great grandparents have ever been to those two crud holes. What the fcukity fcuk, fcuk is that about? I'm already trying to make him support one shite team FFS.
  11. Not that fecking old! I'm pretty sure I watched it live. I seem to remember being woken up at odd hours in the morning to watch the likes of Brendan Foster, David Wilkie, Olga Korbett (used to fancy her 8O ), Nadia Comăneci and Nellie Kim.

    How long is a piece of string?
  12. Yea, I used to get woken up at odd hours and forced to watch stuff around about 1976. Apparently I was daddies favourite.
  13. Would that be the moon landing of 1969?

  14. Does anyone else want to Wah indoubitabley or is it just not worth it? :roll:
  15. Not worth it Flash :wink: