Dennis McShane - one rule for MPs it seems...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PBUH, Nov 2, 2012.

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  1. Plus it says 'This is so far from what would be acceptable in any walk of life that we recommend that Mr MacShane be suspended from the service of the House for twelve months.’ And "19 receipts obviously made to deceive".

    Suspended for 12 months? Suspended from the neck, more like. We had a nurse who put in a false travel claim for about 20 quid and lost her job, no appeal, no "suspension". Also remember an RSM who claimed for travel expenses whilst taking a lift to attend a resettlement course. Court martial, reduced to the ranks.
    Your "one rule for MPs it seems" is spot on. Thieving bastards.
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  2. Can we stone the cnut for theft?
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  3. In your own time, go on
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  4. Should not the police now investigate this crime? it is after all a criminal offence to obtain money by deception or is this a case of I'm a politian a therefore above the Law of the Land. Far too many politians, for far too long, have got away with such criminal behaviour which in any other profession would have led to long custodial sentences.
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  5. Clearly he though he was home and dry after police dropped his prosecution for fraud. He was, apparently, claiming rent for the garage on the basis that it was his constituency office and he was, somehow, renting it to himself.

    Margaret Moran is up in court again later this month. She was charged with fiddling her MPs expenses but she found a psychiatrist who was willing to swear blind that she was mentally unfit to stand trial. AFAIK the judge can either give her an absolute discharge or send her to a mental hospital for up to 2 years. Be interesting to see if he has the courage to do this after Margaret's flagrant playing of the disability card.

    Corrupt Labour MPs just wont go away, will they? Who will be next? Keith Vaz?
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  6. His Party had already suspended him, this announcement came from the Commons Committee today. We'll probably get a statement from Westmnister or Met Police later to say that a complaint has been made. Deserves jail the thieving scrote. Mind you so did arrogant TA Major Derek Conway MP and he escaped justice altogether
  7. Can't imagine a judge giving anyone a hospital order under the mental health act for fraud. They're normally given for violent crimes and arson rather than acquisitive crime.
  8. If she moran is classed to be as nutty as squirrel sh1t, wont this preclude her from ever standing again?
  9. It's not just Labour. Parents opposed to the inequitable treatment of single and dual wage families in measures to slash child benefit are guilty of ‘fiscal nimbyism’ and should stop complaining, according to David Gauke, the Exchequer Secretary.

    Gauke claimed more than £10,000 on his MPs’ expenses to cover the stamp duty and other fees from the purchase of his second home in London and got away with it.


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  10. I don't think it's the same procedure that applies if you committed a crime because of mental illness.

    Margaret was not ill when she committed her crimes. However, she paid a psychiatrist who determined that she was unfit to stand trial. IIRC the psychiatrist specialises in court work and declares that about 40-50 customers (oops, sorry I mean patients) are unfit to stand trial each year. Sounds like a get out of jail free card.

    The judge has the option to send her to hospital, even though she has not stood trial. Given that part of her argument was that she would commit suicide if she had to face trial, I'd say that hospital is clearly the best place for her rather than starting up some PR consultancy the day after she is freed and using the cash that she swindled out of us.
  11. I think the quote;

    'Mr MacShane's punishment reflected that his actions were 'so far from what would be acceptable in any walk of life, the committee said.'

    Meant to say, ' any OTHER walk of life.'

    So Mr MacShane who is a proven lying, fraudulent, thief, Who would have been sacked for gross misconduct in any honourable trade, will be permitted to continue representing his constituency after a year? Who tends to their needs during that period? Should they not get a say as to whether they want con man to speak for them, a by-election perchance?

    It would be nice to think that at some time in the future he will speak out against benefit frauds, and tax schemes. Jerry Carr should have stuck to his guns, at least he was legal, and didn't falsify paperwork, or make up false jobs to steal money from the taxpayer. The MP for Rotheram is a lowlife on an equal footing with any shoplifter you care to mention.

    Sack him and take the money he stole out of his pension.
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  12. OK so lets see . .

    Denis MacShane (Ex Lab): Cleared by a Parliamentary committee even though they accept he falsely submitted expenses on 19 different occasions that were "plainly intended to deceive"

    I bet these guys might be fuming a bit:

    Jim Devine (Ex Lab): Jailed in 2011 for 16 months for fiddling £8,385 between 2008 and 2009

    Eric Illsley (Ex Lab): Jailed in 2011 for 12 months for £14,000 of false expenses between 2005 and 2008

    David Chaytor (Ex Lab): Jailed in 2011 for 18 months for fraudulently claiming more than £20,000 in expenses

    Lord Taylor of Warwick (Con Peer): jailed in 2011 for 12 months for falsely claiming £11,277 in parliamentary expenses

    Elliot Morley (Ex Lab): Jailed in 2011 for 16 months for fiddling £30,000 of expenses

    But let's not forget . .

    Margaret Moran (Ex Lab): Strangely not stood trial this year for allegedly fiddling £80,000 of Parliamentary expenses because she's too ill

    Baroness Warsi (Ex Nothing): Strangely cleared by the Lord Commissioner for Standards for claiming overnight expenses while living rent free

    Sadiq Khan (Lab): Allowed to return Parliamentary expenses (£2.55k) and accepted that he shouldn't have claimed for and apologised. No further action was taken

    How inconsistant!!
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  13. Put her in the dock and gve her about 10 foot of rope and wobbly stool?

    or one of those 'massive powder' bucket tubs of paracetamol and a 2 litre bottle of tesco value water.
  14. This can be used if the MHA isn't up to the job on the day:

    Criminal Procedure (Insanity and Unfitness to Plead) Act 1991

    There's a few get hospital through that a year. Bet it doesn't happen to her though.