Dennis Hopper - Cashes in at 74

The ultimate rebel, Dennis hopper has lost his battle to prostate cancer and after an erratic career in film and 5 marriages cashed in his vouchers and hightailed it to the ultimate high..

he joins Gary Coleman, failed child 'star' at the pearly gates this weekend..

wonder who number three will be?
Such a shame, I thought he was a great actor; he even managed to ensure "Waterworld" wasn't truly awful.


Now as to number 3; For some reason I'm thinking (fingers crossed) Richard Attenborough.
He did some crap but he had some great roles as well; Easy Rider, Apocalypse Now, Blue Velvet to name a few.

Then there's his great rambling about the specialness of "Sicilians" to Christopher Walken's character in True Romance: "So you're Sicilian huh?"...


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