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Denmark orders ALL Minks to be put down over Covid Fears

Seriously € 1.5 Billion ? ( genuine question )

Time to bring that kind of industry back to UK.
A beautiful woman, naked excepting the expensive genuine fur coat she is rapturously covering her 'modesty' with is a Joy to behold.

I've seen it in the films

According to these blokes, yes it is worth that.

My in-house Dane (of the tame variety) informs me that the mink are currently in between their summer and winter coats, therefore they have very little fur at the moment.
That is why it is being done now, dunno how long they have known of the Covid angle though.

Danish and Scandy ladies?
Another thread some time perhaps, but I am not starting it!
So basically there's a virus reservoir in all of the UK except a few islands that will allow c-19 to skip across firebreak/circuit breaker lockdowns and re-emerge.. Also this reservoir may induce mutation that could defeat a vaccination program.. Perfect!!
I was given a Mink hat once, It was very old but the ****** warmed my head up so much that i had to take it off every few minutes.
The writing was on the wall for these poor furry fcukers once the Animal Liberation Front made fur coats unacceptable.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

The reaction of the animal liberation people is going to be interesting. How long ago was it that they raided all the mink farms and released the stock to the outside world? An act against fur coats, as I recall.

If the UK make a similar decision @ugly is going to be kept busy....
From the interviews with the Danish animal rights twunts that were on the evening news, they’re quite chuffed about it and couldn’t be more pleased. They stated it’s a sacrifice that must be made so mink farmers will have no other choice but to find a new line work and the industry will collapse.

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