Denmark - Mohammed drawings - Now this!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by BaldricksBullet, Jun 7, 2006.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Well Rooney's in the squad or is he the 12th disciple? Oh no... just seen that theres a Sweede in there too.. so Rooney must be playing.

    Found this in a Danish paper. Comments Please!!!
  2. It mocks Christianity so its not that big a deal.
  3. I take it Sven is Judas then????

  4. & becks is in fergies seat!
  5. The danes seem to forget the world is not as liberal as them.Did anyone find the Mohammed drawings funny coz I did.
  6. I thought they were very funny, satirical and relevant. The reaction to them merely undelined the points the cartoonists were trying to make.
  7. I have been watching the news channels for hours there is still no sign of our embassies being ransacked or burnt by Roman Catholics from Italy, Coptics Christians from Eygpt or Othodox Christians from Russia ...... or loud and nasty protests in the middle of the street with banners asking for the 'artist' to be beheaded or massacred have still failed to materialise, No politician has as yet made a formal statement to how they can see that the 'peace loving christians' would be offended by the picture and then made a public appology on behalf of the artist.

    Muslims please note ........ this is how free speach works, just because it may offend you do not have the right to destroy, threaten and commit acts of incitement to murder.


  8. Agree with you 100%
  9. yes but Muslims do not believe in free speech! It would appear to be complete anathema to them - except of course when it comes to spreading their religion throughout the world. How can Yvonne Ridley expect to be taken seriously telling members of our community not to co-operate with the police ? Would she prefer to live in Tehran where women are not allowerd to watch football matches as seeing a man's bare legs is unacceptable? Or Afghanistan or iraq where women are shot or stoned for not wearing the burqa or walking in public without their husband or brother?
  10. The world is so full of political correctness,that it makes me sick.You have to think twice about laughing about religion because someone is bound to get their back up and low and behold,there are protests and violence.Since I'm from South Africa, I am unfortunately too familiar with PC but luckily nobody has stood outside embassies dressed like a bomber.On the other side of the coin,as long as there is religion there will be war,so we'll never be out of a job.
  11. God I feel embarrassed to be half Danish :oops: I may have to change my Avatar again, on second thoughts bollox it's just a cartoon :D I can get over that! then again I am not a muslim but a liberal white male. Crucify the buggars that cant take a joke. :viking:
  12. Dont be embarrassed,its obvious Danes are open minded.Good on them (and half of you). Besides I dont know where they would find all those virgin brides anyway.
  13. Now ain't that the truth!!! I came here in 1986 and have been tied to a bed ever since.