Denmark gets a new Prime Minister

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Queensman, Sep 16, 2011.

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  1. Denmark have just voted for their first woman Prime Minister - one Helle Thorning-Schmidt. A Lefty!

    Guess what? She's the daughter-in-law of the old Welsh
    Wind-Bag Lord Neil Pillock and his fragrant wife Lady Glynis, two famous oxygen thieves and gravy train riders. She obviously been taught well as before she got elected she was accused of fiddling her taxes by lying about the domicile of the boy Kinnock.

    The disease spreads. Bloody politicians, it clearly doesn't matter where they come from, they're all fecking bent.

    BBC News - Helle Thorning-Schmidt to be Danish PM after poll win
  2. Quite fit for an old bird, I would, wouldn't you?
  3. Yes. A hate ****, but a **** all the same.
  4. I can hear you scream, "And this is what your parents in law did to MY country, biatch!" as you get your Danish PM brown wings :-D
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  5. She's 44 you cheeky ****.
  6. Like I said, granddad, quite fit for an old bird... :-D
  7. In another twenty years or so, the eurocrats will be more inbred than the Hapsburgs.

    Imagine being bred from Baroness Ashton and Kinnock's produce!

    Hooray for Haemophilia!
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  8. And once the immigrants have gained access to Denmark, they will be able to travel/live anywhere within the EU!

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  9. Thus allowing the left to buy even more immigrant votes across Europe.
  10. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Shame that Lord Kinnock never had his hands on the reins of power. Thus he and Glenys never did anything to "your" country.
  11. All fellow travellers and Euro Marxists of that Ilk. 'Friends of Monsewer Van Rumpled Fourskins'

  12. Oh I don't know, he was in that Tracey Ullman music video IIRC. That in itself deserves some sort of punishment.

    As to shaggable Danish politicians, I think I'd rather go for the head of Enhedslisten Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen, she's younger, better looking, and she got more votes than Helle. Pity she's slightly left of Trotsky!
  13. She can't be to bright married to a fuckwit like Stephen Kinnock,

    'Now we really have a crisis' - Russia's man in London leaving the Foreign Office yesterday | UK news | The Guardian

    Stephen Kinnock, the head of the council's St Petersburg office, was stopped and detained for an hour for alleged drink-driving and driving the wrong way down a one-way street. British officials yesterday denied Kinnock, the son of former Labour leader, Neil Kinnock, had been drinking, saying he had refused to take a breath test and called for consular assistance in line with Foreign Office guidelines. One official said Kinnock had been followed home after dining with friends in what the official described as "a pattern of intimidation intended to disrupt the British Council." The organisation said it was deeply concerned for the safety of its employees.

    The St Petersburg office was forced to close last night, after its staff were summoned for FSB questioning for the second time in 24 hours. The British Council will decide today on whether it is able to keep its regional offices open while its staff are being put under intense FSB pressure.
  14. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    So if we've got sons who are p*ssheads, will that help us lead the Labour party? Or is it only me who's spotted the trend...?
  15. She must be shagging desperate to marry the son of a WELSH fuckwit like NEIL KINNOCK.

    She would have been better off marrying one of those porno studs from the Colour Climax films!

    At least their lines made more sense.