Denmark bans Marmite

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Arters, May 25, 2011.

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  1. I really couldn't care less about the Marmite but it appears they have banned Shreddies as well!

    Imagine that, the whole Male population going Commando.

    Is Denmark a warm Country, then?
  2. What an Outrage!!... That means they will have banned the Aussies 'Vegemite'. How terrible... that means I'll have to stop reading Danish Porn... or is it Danish Pork....? Or 'Porking Danish'..... or eating Danish...... blah!! I have'n't taken me Meds yet this morning.....
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  3. Was it their latest advertising slogan than pushed them to the decision?
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  4. Perhaps we should post them that yeast extract shite from the rat packs. During recruit training one of my muckers squeezed a tube into the bin of our accommodation just to see what it looked like, the daft **** stunk the room out!
  5. Smudger, you been lurking outside my fcuking house again? I wouldn't mind but you just stand there as if you own the place!

    How many more times do I have to tell you, the kids are at Boarding School, now fcuk off.
  6. I said this the last time you posted that piccie but that is proof that,the holocaust wasn't that bad.

    Look at fatty on the left!! Starving my arse......
  7. Proves you can get fat without eating Marmite, then, dunt it!

    Thats Smudger on the left, do keep up, Morphine.
  8. Let's get the UN involved we can't stand by and let this attrocity manifest into hysteria , what have the government done to get our expats home the Danes are taking liberties Marmite is a British institution for fucks sake . That's me and Carlsberg finished go and **** yourselfs Daneland .
  9. Tragic, I hope the ban doesn't spread
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  10. Yeah, let's go and Picket the Border.

    I've got my Placard ready - "Your Corned Beef is Shite"
  11. Brace yourself my friend this is quiet disturbing just heard a braking news flash on Radio 2 . The c@"nts have banned " Rice Crispies " get the bombers fueled and armed this is getting serious guys .
  12. Check date not april 1st done, Right no more Danish bacon rolls for me. Send the navy in opps cant do that we scrapped it.
  13. Let's chop the Tits off that Tarts Statue, that'll fcuk 'em!
  14. What we should do is like we did the last time a Scandanavian country tried to **** over our economy, we should send in the Navy. That'll sort them out.

    ...Oh, wait!
  15. Once fished a Match on the Guden, had a piss in the River, Ssssh, HeHeHe!