Denison Smock - value

My late father in law had, in the attick, his denison smock. It is almost certainly a genuine original (he had a Para and SAS background) and is in excellent condition. I have no intention of selling it on walt-bay but I am curious as to how much an orginal and genuine denison smock is actually worth to collectors these days just so I can impress upon my wife the importance of looking after it.
Are they valuable? I've just cut one up for dusters.
I am guessing that genuine ones might have some value. Fakes and replicas probably less so.
Seen them listed for over £1200 on greedbay .......... Not seen them sell for that though.

I suppose it depends on type, model , size, condition and how deep the collector's pockets are ........
A quick google shows a 1959 copy new replica is on Silvermans website for £250 quid. A new condition original circa 1958 compton webb is on there for £500 quid. I'm sure in the past I've seen them elswhere for more?

I wouldn't go by silverthiefs ........

A quick look shows a mint '59 pattern in a size 1 up for £150. No-one has bitten yet ......

Some WW2 ones had an oversmock zipper fitted to make them easier to put on and off so not everything with a full zipper is worth 'only' £100 - £200 ..........

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