Denison Smock questions

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Chimurenga, Feb 27, 2009.

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  1. I am clearing out all of my collection that I've accumulated over the years and I have a couple questions about a Denison Smock that I am about to put on eBay.

    1. What year did the DPM Para Smock replace the Denison ? (1980ish?)

    2. Is the Denison Smock I have pictured below a reproduction from Silvermans (if so, what tags do they have in theirs ?) or an original ? (And, if it is an original, it's probably one of the very last to have ever been made.)

    Many thanks in advance for the advice.


  2. I'm not sure as I've never actually owned one myself, but I don't think it's a real one. The pattern looks too busy, if you ask me.

    Otherwise, yes about 1980-81 as far as I recall having read. I'm sure someone who's actually used one will be along shortly to confirm or deny this.
  3. Vert, arrsepedia was the first place I looked. However, the one pictured is a WW2 model, both in pattern and camouflage scheme. Also, it gives no date as to when the switch to DPM began. I do recall some mention of the occasion being written about in The Green Eyed Boys, but I do not have my copy at hand.
  4. I'm certain the one shown in the Arrsepedia article is not a WW2 issue. A picture of a real one is attached. This pattern was still being issued in 1976/1977, but were unusual.

    I too think the pattern on the one above is wrong. There's one on E-Bay that looks more like the real thing; item 220369137797

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  5. There was quite a lot of variety in the colours used post-war. I had one that was rather yellow-looking.

    Yours looks pretty authentic to me and if you've had it since they were actually in use it is probably genuine. On the other hand, there are some very good reproductions around.
  6. I was issued one in 1971 and it looked just like the authors photo. Mine was 'nicked' some years later so please now own up, return it to me and there will be further action taken - you bastard. Address to return it to
    is QM's , 10 Para Regt, TA Centre, White City, London.
  7. This is the one that Silvermans is producing and selling. You be the judge.


    very old git - As I mentioned, I am selling this one as well as four or five more smocks in my collection on eBay, I can PM you my seller's ID.
  8. Mine....many moons ago......scuse the 'at guv! :roll:

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  9. Chimurenga - thanks for the offer but you cannot replicate your first and only! there aint no substitute for the real thing.
  10. I think 3 Para were the last Para Reg Batt. to swap out their Denisons to DPM smocks, circa 78. Silvermans did do a pretty good copy, no longer available, using the original material and print. I think the label was something like 'Smock, Denison, 1959 pattern' or similar.
  11. We exchanged ours at the beginning of 1977. Some craphat sgts etc were still wearing them in BAOR in 1980
  12. One of our SRF blokes was wearing one in 1987!
  13. Well, THIS guy is still wearing his in 2007.

  14. 1978- Last pattern was the 1972 pattern Smock camouflage NSN 8405 99 973 5162.
  15. AS modelled by the CIC in the pic above.