Denied full operational tour bonus because I didn't sleep in a hospital?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by soldier.a, Jul 29, 2010.

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  1. I have just returned from Afghanistan after having the blast from an enemy grenade completely and irreparably knacker my right ear drum and do a fair bit of damage to the left which thankfully they think will heal. I was brought off the ground on a category C 9-liner and then returned to the UK on a medevac flight. I spent a fair bit of time at Bastion hospital but due to the nature of my injury it never required me to stay in the hospital as it was handed over to primary healthcare.

    I wasn't too chuffed to be leaving but if you have ever had a serious ear infection you will know why I wasn't much use any more, not to mention the fact I couldn't hear very well from one barely working ear.

    When I got back however, I was duly informed that I would not be getting my full operational tour bonus (As is usual if you return due to being wounded) because I "Hadn't spent a night in hospital". Apparently to qualify for it you need to be returned by medevac flight and have spent one or more nights in hospital, either over there or over here on your return.

    Now part of me thinks I should just be bloody grateful it was just my hearing I lost considering what happened to the guy next to me and there are people who come back with so much worse (Or not at all even) and leave it. But then another part thinks it's also a little bit unfair that I'm being denied something other wounded get because my wounds do not seem to qualify for a tick in the right box or be important enough.

    My question is has anyone been in such a circumstance and appealed it (Is there even an appeals process?) or are there any suitably qualified people here to advise on whether or not it's possible? Many thanks if you can help.
  2. Filbert Fox and B_and_T should hopefully sort you on this one. I'm not at school.
  3. Sorry about your injury and I am no pay guru, but this has been covered in an earlier thread (same page Op Allowance on RTU from theatre)

    In a direct cut and paste from there:

    JSP 752 Ch 10:

    10.1207. Continuation of the Allowance. The Allowance will be paid:

    a. For the duration of the planned length of the Service person’s assignment to the operational deployment, if the recipient is hospitalised in theatre or elsewhere. The Allowance is to be paid for the full length of the planned deployment, up to a maximum of 6 months, even if the Service person is discharged from hospital and does not return to the operational theatre.

    I hope it helps.
  4. He wasn't in hospital, petal, and I am going to call Jarrod in on this one as well.
  5. How will that help Mrs Mollusc - he's got a sore ear not a sore bum...yet!
  6. Your RAO staff should be able to staff a case to Bde based on your facts. Doesn't always work but each case is treated individually. Not everything is as simple as black and white.
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