Denied Disturbance Allowance & Removal Costs. Need advice.

Denied Disturbance Allowance & Removal Costs. Need advice.

Help! I need advice. My husband and I are being forced to move by the Army and refused disturbance allowance and removals. We have to move completely at our own expense just a few weeks after Christmas, leaving us hundreds of pounds out of pocket.

My husband was posted in March but had to complete an intense course before the posting was confirmed. This posting was a described to us as an interim measure until then, so his commanding officer advised us to ask for retention of our SFA. The commanding officer wrote a letter to the HIC explaining the situation. They said we couldn't retain our quarter but by then it was too late to take the original offer of new SFA so we applied again. We heard nothing for months and sent emails and phoned asking about the new SFA. Finally at the beginning of December 2012 we were offered SFA. We accepted it and were given march in and out details for January, then the admin staff at my husband's base went on leave for Christmas. We heard nothing more until the first week of January, when they said we were no longer entitled to removals because it was too long after my husband's posting. This was through no fault of our own. We followed the advice of my husband's commanding officer when we asked for retention of our SFA and the delay was due to the HIC taking their time. Now we're being told we can't get disturbance allowance either because we didn't apply when he was first posted. At that time we didn't think we were moving and many months without replies to emails or phone calls from the HIC seemed to confirm this. Why would we apply for disturbance allowance when moving was in no way confirmed?

What can we do? I don't see how we are at fault. It's the mistakes of others that we're now paying for. This is not right. We should not be forced into debt because of the mobile requirements of my husband's job in the Army. Please help. I need to know how to get our money back.
I had a similar problem once. Your husband needs to put in a redress or similar. If you are in the right stick to your guns, the spineless will try to make you drop the claim/redress. In the end the same civil servant who denied my claim had to write to me telling me he had been overruled by the CoC.
Christ, does this kind of thing still happen? This kind of official blankness and lack of communication from housing departments and pay offices used to drive me nuts when I was in the army. You would have thought they'd have got it sorted by now.
Somehow I don't think you would have had this problem if your hubby was of officers status.... I thought things had changed by now... oooh my naivety
Contact Cat Calder Housing specialist at AFF.
Keep receipts invoices etc and get the claims in again no doubt it'll get refused and result in an audit but it'll have SFAs attention tell Housing to go poke!
Good luck.
Somehow I don't think you would have had this problem if your hubby was of officers status.... I thought things had changed by now... oooh my naivety
And you have documented evidence to back up that complete and utter nonsense of course ^~
And why should a little inconvenience like reality be allowed to get in the way of his random, unsubstantiated, chip on the shoulder induced, pile of steaming horse manure?

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