denial over scots guards move

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by growler, Oct 29, 2004.

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    Denial over Scots Guards 'move'

    The Scots Guards are due in Iraq on Friday

    Downing Street has said there are "no plans" for a second Scottish army regiment to be sent to help out US forces near Baghdad.

    Speculation had grown that the Scots Guards could take over when the Black Watch returns home for Christmas.

    The guards are due to arrive for duty in Basra on Friday.

    The deployment had been planned before the Black Watch was ordered north to help out in the so called "triangle of death" in southern Baghdad.

    The Scots Guards are seen as the most likely to fill in behind the Black Watch, if British assistance continues to be sought by America.

    They are part of a battle group known as the 4th Armoured Brigade - which is made up of 4,000 soldiers.

    End of tour

    About 1,400 of them have been training for the Iraq deployment in Munster, Germany, whilst another 2,000 have been preparing in Osnabruck.

    Nearly 600 troops have been sent from Britain. The deployment started earlier this week, and will be completed on Friday.

    As part of the 4th Armoured Brigade, they are taking over from the 1st Mechanised Brigade which has completed a six month tour of duty in the south of Iraq.

    Some 850 troops are being redeployed south of Baghdad

    Tim Reid, BBC Scotland Westminster reporter, said that a move for the Scots Guards on towards Baghdad was feasible.

    He said "The Scots Guards could take over in the US sector south of Baghdad, when the Black Watch returns home before Christmas.

    "Although army sources describe that move as speculation, the regiment is seen as the most likely to fill in behind the Black Watch, if British assistance continues to be sought by the Americans."

    Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defence has dismissed as "untrue" speculation that a further Scottish regiment - the Royal Scots - could fill in behind the Scots Guards and the Black Watch.

    Army sources have told the BBC that the Royal Scots are light-role infantry who are more used to driving small vehicles and doing foot manoeuvres, and not wearing heavy armour and driving tanks.
  2. I notice that the MOD and the government have left themselves a ratrun from which to escpae. They have only stated that a scottish regiment will not be deployed to Iraq. That leaves it open for a regiment from wales or england to move in country without the great leader (and his henchmen hoon and straw) being proevn to have lied.

    squirming greaseballs the lot of them!!! :twisted:
  3. Ah, so that is what 'light role' means.

    "Foot manoevres" - I suppose that is why The Royal Scots are known as the First of Foot.
  4. eery coincidence, after the above post.

    full report at

  5. more from same article
  6. Hackle, they've got so many Fijians they're now known as "The Large of Foot". Unbeatable rugby team, though. :lol:
  7. Yes...there's no Scottish Regt going, only the Scots Guards! :D :lol:

    Ha..ha.. :D .it's cos they're all English...ha 8O ha....hmmm.. :oops: I was trying to be funny. Oh well never mind. :(

    PD :wink:
  8. LOL, Claymore and PD
  9. But were we not told, at the defence review, that the modern army no longer has the need for heavy armour, and that light forces were the future.

    It's strange, that since that statement, we've needed to deploy, er, armoured infantry.

    It is time to review the decision to de-armour 4 brigade, and de-mech 19 to light?
  10. It's madness isn't it.

    We needed armoured or mech inf in Gulf 1, Bosnia, Kosovo, Telic.

    Gong back to cycle troops may be the way forward, leaving tyres soft to reduce the risk of mine strike.