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Deniable Agent - Colin Berry

I resisted going anywhere near this tome after having a colleague mention it's existence to me following his attendance at the publishing launch.

I figured it was yet another 'kill and tell' even allowing for the fact that the author choose to write under his 'real' name as opposed to Billy MacSmith or whatever. I caught up with it as the antidote to boredom on a recent long train journey. I was honestly absorbed by his tale.

It's a salutary lesson for military folks who as a result of specialised courses and experience decide to transfer said skills to the 'dark' marketplace and thereby endeavour to earn a living while still feeling their role has some purposeful meaning in life.

Sure there's moments of 'poetic licence' but I don't know for sure. A good man, a cracking story and well worth the soft backed fee version I paid for it. Good luck to you Mr Berry you deserve it.
I heard him on the radio a month back promoting his book - he sounds like a decent bloke - can't find it in my local book stores though (don't want to get it on the web coz I have book gift vouchers burning a hole in my wallet!)

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