Dengue Fever

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by U Boat, Jul 31, 2013.

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  1. Hi all,

    Has anyone had this charming little illness in the past and if so what can I expect? So far strong flu like symptoms and outrageous aching eyes....picked it up in Barbados and never even saw the little terrorist bastard mosquito that bit me. No long term health implications but boy does it smart at the moment. Got to have a follow up blood test in the UK to get a second opinion. I seem to have a predilection for exotic dramas and caught Ghiardia in Jamaica years ago following a hurricane. Fantastic weight loss programme and shed 4 stone in a month and literally crapped myself to death and the quack doc said it was a virus. Several stool samples later it was confirmed and a quick course of Metronizadol and it was sorted. So given the exotic places people on this site have been sent what's the list of illnesses that have been experienced?


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  2. As is happens I have had this - drink lots of water and take multi vitamins and it clears after about a week of heavy flu like symptoms and your appetite will return.
  3. Are you sure you did'nt just have heavy flu ?
    The other name for Dengue Fever is Break-bone Fever and from my experience of it that is a mild description.

    Aged about 15 and I am living in Kiribati when this bastard got me.
    One minute I was being the usual cocky adolescent little gobshite, this next minute I am incapable of standing up as the fever kicked in, waves of alternate boiling hot and then a few minutes later freezing cold.

    About three hours of this and then the pain started........ my knees, hips and elbows started to hurt.
    This increased until it hurt more than anything had hurt before.
    And then it built to a point that I did not believe I could take any more pain ....
    ......and suddenly the pain melted away !

    The relief was immense even though I felt weak from the fever.

    About half an hour later the pain started to build again .....etc, etc and this cycle continued for three bastard days and nights.

    I piss on your loss of appetite and multivitamins !
  4. Good chance it's fatal.............

    But not in a first world country - surely?

    I was in East Timor in 1999 and we (the ADF, or maybe the Kiwis) lost a guy to Dengue.
  5. I had Dengue in East Timor in 2011. As described by an earlier poster; extreme pain in all my joints, freezing cold whilst under two duvets and a/c off in a 40c room, slept for 24hrs straight interspersed with waking up with the pain. Also when not freezing cold you are sweating like a Para in a spelling test.
    For the next 6 days,at least, I was as weak as a kitten and still in pain. Not mush can be done other than rest, keep hydrated and pain relief. Only good thing was that I lost 10kg.
  6. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    Real flu is a killer too.

    I've had real flu and it flattened me for a week. No eating, nightmare sleep, constant sweating, joint pain... and weirdly, my scalp felt too tight.

    It definitely definitely wasn't man flu or a flu like illness.
  7. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

  8. Just spent an horrific 8 hours flying back sweating like the proverbial escaping rapist. The pain iny joints (knees and ankles the worst) is sheer agony. Temp of 102.5 and popping pills like there is no tomorrow. No rash yet but every 5 hours it eases for a couple of hours and then kicks straight back in again. Bloody awful and off to the GP for blood test and hopefully some strong painkillers as nothing available over the counter seems to even take the edge off. Cheers.
  9. Tested positive for malaria. But was "relatively mild"

    Hospitalised with "pyrexia of unknown origin" for a week after an africa trip

    Got some sort of liver smashing bug in yemen which had me hospitalised with really dramatic liver function tests

    Had a 10 hour episode of something nasty in kurdistAn which came on like a thunder clap and had me bedded down with rigors so bad i thought i was going to die, just dissapeared after 10 hours as suddenly as it arrived

    **** knows what they were apart from the malaria just mystery tropical misery
  10. Saw a crap GP yesterday who told me I knew more about it than he did and said to go home and take paracetamol. Booked an appointment today with a very good GP at the same surgery who used to be an MO with "them" (pics of him hanging out of helos in the Congo etc on his wall) who was much more switched on and knowledgable. Checked for appendicitis and then took three lots of bloods and said told me to come back if I start bleeding from the eyeballs. Excellent.

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  11. Isn't Dengue haemorrhagic? We had a guy in my hospital a couple of months ago with it, ended up in ICU.
  12. Well that sounds like fun and at least a bit more adventorous than the old raging shits from a bad burger.

    Mind you I am sure that tubigrip and a couple of Brufin will sort you out.
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  13. I went to hospital today (Phuket, Thailand) to visit my friend with dengue fever. Metronidazole won't be prescribed for it, so that's an error on diagnosis or prescription, you can at present only treat the symptoms.

    Only 20% of people infected actually show any signs of the disease and a small number of those will exhibit the worst affects. In Phuket at the moment it's on the rampage, with little sign of the local authorities knowing how to tackle it.

    The only positive news (here anyway) is the Thai nurses look great in uniform, and I'm planning on visiting as much as I can!
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  15. Pictures of said nurses may help with my recovery....

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