Demonstrating nuns

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Proximo, Aug 17, 2005.

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  1. From Sky News:

    Good to see the Dean sticking to his beliefs - it seems the cold cash cow of Hollywood has the power to sweep away even the strongest conviction.

    And for what it's worth, I thought it was a jolly good story.

    The link goes here.
  2. I got to about page sixty of The Da Vinci code before I just gave a big sigh and returned it to the person I'd borrowed it from.

    I have no strong religious convictions, find Opus Dei faintly ridiculous (etc) but thought the book was just...turgid. There isn't one character in it that isn't a two-dimensional stereotype. Brown isn't a very good writer, but thinks he is. I suspect it'll be one of those rare books that makes a better movie than it does a read.

    However, in a double-whammy for me, I find Tom Hanks an extremely underwhelming actor. So I doubt I'll see the movie or finish the book.

    Veg's conclusion? Brown is Tom clancy for people interested in conspiracy theories and old churches.

  3. V - I suspect my inate distust of the Catholic Church and all its artifices is what made me plough through it. That, and a very long mission in BATUS.
  4. It's the last line in the story that makes me chuckle.

    'it might even be brilliant fiction'.

    Well, if you agree that it is fiction, why on earth are you complaining about it. Surely this is a sign that the book 'isn't true'.

    Can we expect hordes of nuns complaining outside cinemas a la Sikhs in Birmingham? I wonder if they will force cinemas not to show the film because a religious minority is offended?

    'Life of Brian' anyone?
  5. I wonder if there is a "Nun Demonstration and Trials Unit", to demonstrate outside films and courts et al??
  6. Methinks Cuddles is putting his Wimple on again........
  7. sense of humour. ;)

    guess i'll watch the film. Tony Robinsons documentary about it was good.
  8. Sidebar to this story is that ' Sister Michael ' may be a Walt Nun..the ' order' she belongs to isn't one recognized by the Church as a legitimate entity...
  9. I totally agree with Vegitus, what a pap book.

    How this rubish got so hyped and stayed at the top of the best seller list for so long is beyond me.

    The charcters are all stereotypes and untterly one dimensional and the story was nicked from Holy Blood, Holy Grail. I could have written better.

    Wanders away muttering to himself about missed oportunities for book writing and how he should have written that novel as he intended in his spare time on that Op tour rather than watching Porn and drinking. DOH!
  10. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Barsteward!!!! Why did you have to give away the ending :wink: 8O
  11. Funny how we never see Nuns demonstrating against the Catholic Church's appalling record of child sexual abuse...
  12. Its because they are to busy with their fingers in other pies
  13. i am currently reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown and i am thoroughly enjoying it!

    It raises points i have never even contenplated ie religion vs science!

    i was hooked from page one

    If the Da Vinci code is as good as this book i will be pleased :)
  14. ill stick to my porn thanks :)
  15. Me too. Enema Nuns II - Dirty Habits currently in the vid player. Hey! Nuns? Coincedence? [Twighlight Zone theme] A conspiracy perhaps?