Demonstion against Wide Mouth Frog at gates to RAF AKROTIRI

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BuggerAll, Dec 23, 2005.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    There was a demo last night at the gates to RAF AKROTIRI. Protesters where complaining about the activities of the Wide Mouth Frog and her fellow lawyers who have got involved in the rather messy business of inter communial land. I can't find a link to any news about the demo - but I've spoken to 1st hand witnesses and I've seen the results. The gates are covered in graffity and swastikas etc. The big crab sign has been covered up.

    The following is alink to La Booths activities: . I know all laweys are inherently greedy and never pass up the chance to make a buck - but doesn't she realise the damage her activities do to the nation. She may be aprivate individual - but she is married to the Prime Minister she can't just shrug and say its my job.
  2. She's the PM's wife when it suits her - making money by being the 'First Lady' and so on, getting armoured cars at our expense and so on. She does sometimes demonstrate an alarming naivete, however. No danger of the Lord Chancellor slapping her down, either, what with him being a crony.
  3. If she is, as is reported in the media, a very 'savy' lawyer with a keen legal mind? Why does she come across as stupid and willing to have all the good things that come with being the prime minister's wife (plus a lot more she shouldn't get!) without seemingley to care about any of the responsibilities that should go with that position? She in fact comes across as far more of a right wing, money grabbing, capitalist than anyone on the tory side of the house. I'm convinced that she would be a lt more accepted, if not liked, if she actually showed a little thought and a bit of honesty.

    But hey, 'honesty' and 'BLair family'? Yeah right!
  4. I note from this evenings News that the The Dear Leader's Wife has just given a "Hello" style interview with a leading US broadcaster... with the previsio that it or it's contents are not shown in the UK. This evidently has nothing to do with her forthcoming lecture tour of the United States.
    Personally I would pay good money to listen to the the Crazy Frog for two hours rather than listen to C Booth QC dribble on about how difficult life is for her and the Great One and how worthy and righteous her and her consort are in every aspect of their lives.
  5. Get's on my F-ing T.i.t.s.
  6. I fully understand that she's a whore, but why the FECK is she paid so much??

    Let's face it she's the nosh from hell with your gyros change................................ :oops:
  7. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    All lawyers are whores, but other than that its not something I would say about la Booth/Blair - not in the least of reasons being that she might sue - and I don't think whores get paid enough for her to get 'out of bed', as it where!

    She is paid so much because she is the PM's wife and therefor useful to have as a mouthpiece and because she (lie our Tone) is good a twisting the truth, which is what the vermin who pay her need. Its what lawyer and politicos do!
  8. When BCCI collapsed and many ordinary people lost their savings, the frog got paid over half a million for work on the BCCI accounts... makes a change from taking money from a childrens cancer charity I suppose, or trying to get a paedophile off on a technicality, or making 5 million from the human rights act which her husband made law....

    However it is wrong to describe her as a whore, a whore provides an honest service.
  9. I would like to state catagorically that I am not one of the afore mentioned Vermin and that I personally would rather go to jail than pay the wide mouth frog any of my hard earned cash!! :lol: :lol:

    I look forward to her day of judgement (with St Peter)!!
  10. Why not reroute her Egypt-bound Christmas holiday flight (presumably paid for out of her own pocket, including the security detail - ha!) to Akrotiri, and drop her off in Heroes Square for a tarring and feathering? :twisted:
  11. Now THAT I would pay good money to see!
  12. The cnut says she "understands" suicide bombers.
    I'd love her to meet one. Up close and personnel.
    I only get drunk on special occasions, The WMF getting an Osama-a-Gram would definately be one of them.
  13. Has anyone found out which 'leading US broadcaster' it is? No doubt the interview [which is conditionally not to be shown over here] will undoubtedly be posted on their website. I an intruiged to know why she is so anxious to prevent us seeing the interview.
  14. Of course she understands suicide bombers, she's on their side after all!
  15. I rather she was splattered all over the side of a building.