Democrats and Defense

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. Very nice, but the colonial's section is called the Multinational HQ.
  2. And of course changes in US defence policy won't even remotely affect the rest of the world...?
  3. Of course it's going to be business as usual, Andy. Defence contracts mean jobs. The B2 got funded because parts of it are made in all 50 states. It's pork barrel politics, for better or for worse. The only difference is that the contractors will be hiring different lobbying firms.

    Suggest people take a look at Eugene Jarecki's film "Why We Fight" to see how the Washington sausage factory works when it comes to national security. Failing that, there's a really good article in this Month's US Playboy about the influence Lockheed Martin has on the foreign policy process.
  4. Ah Lockheed who gave us the Herc a very good mover in it's time but know getting long in the tooth. It will still be flying doing excellent work world wide when I am ashes but should be replaced by a more modern machine.
    Pork Barrel politics and old senior aircrew keep it flying.
  5. All the link is doing is taking me to the front page of the site with all the news stories links on it and nothing obvious is leaping out at me. I'm assuming it was meant to lead to a specific story right? Any chance someone posting a link to the story? Thanks.

    I'm assuming you mean a completely new aircraft design rather than simply new airframes of the current/updated model?
  6. No it doesn't, John. Pork Barrel politics makes sure that the USAF keeps buying new ones. In fact, the USAF doesn't even ask for them any more. When it comes to their budget request they allocate their slice of the pie to something else (e.g. the F-22) safe in the knowledge that Congress will make extra money available so the plant and its suppliers from all over the country, stay open.
  7. And at least we know how to spell defence.
  8. Crab I feel that I expressed my self badly. (Now't new there).
    The Herc has been a Great a/c but it has had it's time, despite the fact that it will be in service with many airforces and civvy firms for years to come.
    I am aware that it is US Politicians that keep it in production and I was refereing to it being Brit RAF senior officers who bought the latest 'J' model when other machines would have been more aoropriate.
  9. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Hmmm ... I thought the C-17 was the 130's replacement.
  10. It replaced the C-141 Starlifter and can do some of the tasks that used to be performed by C-5s (in order to extend their fatigue lives).
  11. I have said before I think the C 17 is the way to go.
    I understand it has an outstanding Field performance.
  12. Computator testically.
  13. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

  14. Which aircraft are you talking about? You've posted links to both types.

    C-130 is a tactical airlifter, designed for intratheatre ops. The C-17 (which carries twice the payload) is like the 141, primarily a Strategic airlifter. It does have the ability to operate from unprepared surfaces though (but as far as I'm aware, nobody has risked a "Buddha" doing this operationally as yet) and has excellent STOL performance. Besides, you should know better than most that the 141 was used plenty of times for parachute drops. I know they were used operationally in Panama and, IIRC, there was even a wing of them based just down the road from Benning at Pope AFB.