Democrat loses Connecticut primary

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Aug 9, 2006.

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  1. This is an interesting indicator of the way the US public view The War Against Terror. Is support for the shaved chimp's visionary strategy about to be discarded rapidly by anyone seeking US political office?

  2. The title is misleading. It could be The democrat loses... but a democracy wins.
  3. Yes, the title is misleading -- as is Sergey's other suggestion. I think you will find that the Democratic primary for Connecticut was, of course, indeed won by a Democrat. It would be pretty stupid for it to be won by a Republican!
  4. Lieberman has been described by his former friends at The Daily Show as "a candidate for people who like Bush, but don't think he's Jewish enough".

    I'll give some credit to the guy for standing up for his principles, although it would be hard to see how he could pull a u-turn even if he wanted to, so vocal has his support been for the war. He nailed his colours to the mast years ago and now he's suffered the consequences.

    Of course, the Democrats now have a big problem if he does as he has promised and runs as an independent. In doing so, it gives the Republicans a chance to sneak in and take the seat as the vote gets split.

    Of course, he already demonstrated his willingness to turn over his seat to the GOP once before. In 2000, the same time that he was running as Gore's 2i/c, he kept his name on the ballot for the Senate re-election. In the event of Gore-Lieberman being declared the winners of the election, he would have had to give up his senate seat and the Republican Governor of Connecticut would have, in all probability appointed a Republican to take his place. This would have also resulted in the Republican Party taking control of the Senate in 2000. Understandably, this is another reason why many in his own party hate him.
  5. Sergey's the guy at Lords cheering on the team in white. :wink:
  6. The GOP doesn't stand a prayer of taking this seat. Republicans will vote overwhelming for Lieberman as an Independent. Dems have shot themselves in the foot, again.
  7. In another victory for the American electoral system, wherein you don't vote for who you want to get in, you vote for the person most likely to beat the person you don't want to get in.

    That'll work both ways, though. A bunch of people who would vote for an independent Lieberman may see that as giving an Evil Republican a chance of sneaking in, and will vote Lamont to make sure that at least if it won't be Lieberman, it won't be a Republican.

  8. No, Republicans will vote for Lieberman because they want him to win.

  9. It's a mixed deck of cards for me. Lieberman was one of the very few who had the decency to actually visit troops in the field, and has a very real belief in them, which I have to respect. However, some of his policy ideas over here (ie, his ban GTA3 campaign) seem a bit daft. I guess since I don't live in Connecticut it doesn't matter much.