Democracy in the UK? No way says Ken Clarke

Seems Parliament is somewhat redundant in Kens book.

"Pre-empting a Commons vote on the subject, Mr Clarke said that the objections of many Conservative backbenchers will not prevent the Government complying with a European court ruling that inmates are entitled to a say in elections."

Prisoners will get the vote, Kenneth Clarke says - Telegraph


Book Reviewer
If Ken 'Prison Doesnt Work' Clarke gets his way that will be a few hundred more people on the electoral roll.
Rumourcon has it that he's actually a desperately unpleasant, arrogant git, who is not well liked by his own family. Why he's trying to portray himself as a progressive liberal Tory is beyond my understanding, as he's actually the diametric opposite.

Perhaps he's Prescott's long lost twin? The physical similarities are there to see!

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